More is better

i think the program should come with a lot more different rhythms, melodies, etc. maybe they will come in newer versions?

Hey Hukko

I’m curious…when you say etc. what specifically are you looking for? Also, have you exhausted what Scaler has or prefer something different? Developing minds want to know.


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There are roughly 844 or so expressions times 3 if you count 1/2, 1, 2 speed settings. I have yet to make it through all of the permutations of those let alone what each one sounds like with different instruments.
The Devs always give us more each update so I’m sure more will come. What would you like to see that is missing?

Sad person that I am, I counted the permutations in Scaler 2.4. Since a performance can be applied to any progression, at that time the number of basic combinations was more than 726,000. Allowing 30 seconds to call each one up and audition it would take 252 days, 24x7. However, if you restricted yourself to a normal 8 hour day for a typical 230 days per year, it would take 3.3 years full time. 2.5 introduced a few thousand more, but I haven’t counted hem.

However, as @davide pointed out at the time, these are just the raw numbers, and applying the myriad of other multiplicative modifications that could be applied to a single raw permutation, which certainly pushes variations available into the millions.

That itself is before any more creative manipulations noted here by @TMacD and several others.

From an entirely personal perspective, that’s more than I will ever need.


I knew you had figured in more and would chime in. Yes, I wasn’t counting with the variations from each progression, etc. So many choices so far and I still haven’t even scratched the surface.
Thanks, mate for your mathematical observations.

…S l a c k e r !

Seriously though, I spent 4 solid hours this morning driving Arturia’s new Pigments 3.5 release with various Scaler performance modes using nothing but my mouse and some midi mapped controls. To say it blew me away would fail to do the experience justice. The complexity you can tease out of Scaler by tweaking settings while Scaler keeps the playback in synch was muckin afazing. Add to it a pad or keyboard with Play Quantize turned on and even Carl Cox would be impressed. :slight_smile:


Yes, I know that there are a lot of variations, and I love (trying to) create series of chords from scratch

Nevertheless I also think that presets are handy, and many of them, notably in the Rhythm & Melody areas are “not-so-very-different” or “too-much-identifiable” at the point I use them very rarely

Another weak area in my opinion is Arpeggio, and Strumming, but even all new 2.5 patterns as e.g. Strumming Sequences are not so much huge in number

Maybe this is what @Hulkko meant for

I upgraded my Pigments to version 3.5, but I haven’t even gotten around to try all the new features.

But I stumbled over an old NI classic, Rounds, that has been slumbering in my 30k+ presets across the NI ecosystem, and their “arp” presets lend themselves well to Scaler performances, since everytime a note hits the synth, it advances to a different synth settings, making an otherwise mechanic performance sound more dynamic.

I am sure other synths have similar features, a round robin settings change for each incoming note (I know Arturia’s Matrix-12 has a feature like that, not sure if the original Oberheim hardware had that).

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It is recommended that Scaler design a STYLE, which can put various STYLEs in, and then control these STYLEs by chords

Interesting concept.
In the mean time…with 56 chords available in pad view, you can create a large set of playback styles attached to homogeneous or mixed chords.

For example, I’ll take a bass chord I like and duplicate it along a pattern with a different complimentary playback style attached to each instance. Now with Play Quantize setup, I can “play the styles” w/in a chord.

Not the fastest setup, but you can come up with some really interesting layouts.