More piano acoustic types... At least one, that is more pronounced

Hi crew / testers!
In my view, the two pianos that are included: Felt & Soft sound good but a bit… too soft. I would like to have at least one acoustic piano that has sharper, more pronounced character / tone.
Auditioning chords with softer pianos make the chords a little mushy to my ears.
Thank you for considering.

Now that you mentioned it. I agree. In fact I don’t care for any of the piano sounds. Sorry, even the grand is not so pleasant to my ears. I didn’t want to say anything since I can use any piano VST I have in my DAW with Scaler and sound generation is not the primary focus of Scaler.

But I have been using Scaler in a standalone host so external sounds are not available. Do I dare ask that you add a feature to use an external VST sound source for me? No that would be asking too much! I love that Scaler does overall. So nevermind from me.

I think that might be an overkill, because Scaler2 is not officially standalone… yet… I am sure, when jt comes to that, team will figure out how to use it with external sound.
Perhaps loopMidi can work in the way you describe with Kontakt?

I am not into “sound generation” too with Scaler. It will be mainly used as chord reference, chord progression and exploration tool. So would like to have a more “crisp” internal acoustic piano to hear things better :slight_smile:

Yes, fully agree. A simple tightening up of the felt and soft pianos is a good suggestion.

@Blue Can you reference a piano instrument that you like? Happy to create something more acoustic and sharp but I’d love to know what exactly you mean by that. If you have A VST / Instrument you like let me know.

something in lines with basic “Grand piano” from “Komplete”, maybe even slightly brighter. The two in Scaler are nice but a bit too soft. For “audition” probably a good idea to have more aggressive and brighter piano too.
Thank you for considering!

We do have the Grand Piano but from what you are referencing you want a clear, dry, sharp piano. Maybe ‘Clean Piano’ could be a preset. I wonder how many users would find that useful.

I think I know what happened. I have seen “full” set of sounds, but installed a “minimal” set, if I remember correctly… So the Grand Piano is in full set, I guess? If yes, let me know I think I might still have installer somewhere.
If it is there and sounds “sharp enough” than maybe add it to the basic set, when installed.
Kindly let me know if grand is in the full sound set.
Thank you.

Yes it is in the full installer. It is a mix of two recorded grand pianos. Not as dry as the one you referenced but me personally I don’t think the Kontakt Factory piano is very useful. Check out our Grand Piano and please let me know If you don’t think its ‘clean’ enough.

YES! Grand works very nice! (a little reverby, but does not distract at all)
I did not want to install the 400+megs originally :slight_smile:
Is it possible to include this “grand” in “minimal set” or replace “soft” piano? I think this grand is more of a staple and minimal set pianos have a lot of color. Perhaps so all other users who have their own sounds and wish not to install whole package will have it in minimal set?
Thank you.

I guess we only need one of soft and felt and felt is gorgeous IMO. Also feedback on it is great. So yes I will revisit standard installs with the team. We have more sounds coming anyways : )

Felt and Grand makes a very nice duo. Or perhaps all 3 in basic install?
Either choice is better than installing 400+ megs of extra sounds :slight_smile:

Another, more complicated idea (just an idea, not a request) to be able to install instruments by “type” Pianos, Guitars etc. I imagine in the future you will expand sound set, so it might be useful for someone has no interest in particular types of instruments or interested in very particular instrument and nothing else.