More scales

Hi in the next update can you include all these exotic scales?

Hi @xtremsounds,
I checked rapidly the list and a big part of them are already in Scaler, what are the ones you are missing ?

It could be the name differences. Im just looking for the really distinct cultural styles that we hear often

Do we have the following?


Hi @xtremsounds,

  • Indian scale: is not in the list from this website (so I can’t check the formula)
  • Insen scale: is not in the list from this website either
  • Japanese scale: this is a pentatonic scale that we don’t have at the moment: but you can use for C Japanese the F Minor scale and skip the 3rd and 7th tone, by avoiding playing those tones in the melodies and chords will give you that exotic flavour.
  • Chinese scale: this is a pentatonic scale that we don’t have at the moment you can also refer to a bigger containing scale like E minor and skip 4th and 7th tone.
  • Arabic scale: is called Lydian b6 Dominant scale in Scaler, it is the Neapolitan major 4th mode, as you can see the naming differ and the idea is to look into Scaler by inputing the notes from the scale that you want to use in Scaler in the Detect mode and then you can play with what result you obtain as shown in the screenshot below:
  • Byzantine scale: is also named Double Harmonic major and will be added shortly in Scaler
  • Flamenco scale: is not in the list from this website either
  • Gypsy scale: do you mean the “Spanish Gypsy Scales” from this website ? it is in Scaler and named: Phrygian Dominant (a mode of Harmonic minor)
  • Egyptian scale: is simply called Egyptian pentatonic scale in Scaler

hope that helps you,
remember, use the detect mode and look up for your scale that way is the easiest way to not be confuse by all the naming variation that are spread around the web.



Thanks. In the future will be able to add or favorite scales or tag them?

Hi how do I find the matching scale after entering notes in the detect section?

Also maybe just allow us to tag scales and search for them to help us remember?

Here a screens of more scalesAeolian%20Dominant Arabic Chinese Flamenco Insen%20(Japanese) Oriental Spanish%20Gypsy

Hi @xtremsounds,

thanks for the input, it appears that all of those scales already match a scale in Scaler.

Let me explain you how to find a matching or several matching scales in Scaler :

When you input a scale note by note in detect mode, the matched scales will be in the list of results in the central section named: “Detected Scales”.

If all the notes are in blue then this implies the current selected scale is matching all the notes you have inputed. Let’s take an example: for the case C Db F G Ab Bb the first matching scale is F Minor scale (F G Ab Bb C Db Eb) as you can see this scale has more notes that what you have inputed (Eb is an extra note that fit also in this scale) this comes from the fact that there is mainly* 7 notes scales in Scaler and you have searched for a 6 notes scale.

Also you can note that the scale you inputed with the notes : C E F# G B is a pentatonic scale (composed of 5 notes) that we don’t have directly in Scaler but this pentatonic is a subset of a scale with more notes that we have already in Scaler : for instance the E Minor scale ( E F# G A B C D) note that in this case two extra notes have bee found (A and D) if you prefer other extra notes then you can chose another scale in the results : for instance the E Harmonic scale ( E F# G A B C D#) note that in this other case two extra notes have bee found (A and D#) so the aesthetic and artistic decision belong to you here, either you chose to have a D or a D# (or any other extra notes that match other scales if you go for other matching scale in the list of results).

Hope that helped,
Tell me if you have any other questions, doubt on scale finding in Scaler.

*there is also pentatonics in Scaler (5 notes scales)

ok Ill try. It would be helpful in next release to let us mark scales as favorites or tags or save our own scales or something to find them faster.