Moving guitar tabs?

Hey guys! I was wondering (and the plugin might have this feature) if it’s possible to add moving guitar tabs in Scaler. Let me explain so I don’t sound weird. I use a program called Yousician that teaches you how to play instruments. The guitar part of this program has tabs that move across of an EDGABE timeline like this >>> to see the UI. I don’t want it to be as fancy color wise but something similar would be a game changer for song writers.

Let me know if that sounds doable

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Hi @avemcree

This looks great. We do have the fretboard view to help you find where the notes are on the neck of the guitar but it is not really advanced yet. We plan on adding basic fingering for chords to make it easy to find where you can play and with Scaler chord suggestions it could become an interactive tool to compose.

I don’t think we would have the “performing in time” part within Scaler as I think it is a different type of software but we have a few ideas and features for guitarists on the roadmap.

Thanks for sharing,