Moving sounds data

Hi - a feature requested for Scaler 1 was the ability to move the sounds data (almost a GB in Scaler 2) off the main hard drive. is this possible yet? It would be very desirable to be able to do this as I like many others like to keep these things away from my main system drive.

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Although the topic was 9 months ago, for those who can help:
I solved that problem as follows.
As you can see, the content of Scaler is in the F: drive, which is not the main drive (C :, generally)
The content that occupies the most space is that of sounds.
In Settings> Settings> Preferences you can configure the disk and directory where you want to have the Sets and Sounds
1st change in Settings> Settings> Preferences indicating the new directories
2º Move those directories, which are generally in C: \ Users \ Pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ Plugin Boutique \ Scaler2 to the new directories (in my case, F: / Scaler)
3rd Close Scaler and re-enter. It should work. It works well for me like this. And it’s good because only the sounds already occupy more than 700 Mbs

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Does the preference stick when its time to update Scaler2?
Or is it overwritten and then you have to do the same all over again?

In the last update I had to repeat it

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