Multi-channel midi output with separate performance parameters

I like the direction that the recent upgrades are taking Scaler. Another step along the same direction is to support multiple midi channels - BUT with each channel having its own set of performance parameters.

Then one common chord sequence on a single DAW track could be voiced with bass, padd, arpeggios melody etc.

This would probably fit easily within the current UI design.

Each channel could possibly also have its own instrument, but that would necessitate adding a mixer, which might be too much to consider.

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@welcome @BrianCollins We keep trying to get here. I just use a group or a track stack and add one scaler (which you can choose internal sound off) which triggers all my individual instruments or multiple scalers. Would this help in the interim?

Thanks @davide. It is perfectly usable in the interim. But if I have 3 or 4 instances of Scaler playing different performances and Midi instruments then I am less likely to experiment with different harmonic choices if I need to edit the chord sequence in each Scaler (and get them all the same!). I was just flagging it up as a useful direction.

You can sync them for that.

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Ooh - thank you! I had missed that feature. I’ve just found Sync in the manual. That helps a lot.

Indeed exactly why we put sync in there, makes life so much easier. Thanks for pointing that out @LivingEdge_Studios