Multi-Colors for Patterns


What about the idea of having each Pattern assigned its own color for the Bound Keys on the Keyboard display and the Patterns in Pad View?

Since an instance of Scaler may contain Eight Patterns, eight colors would be needed, or, perhaps just shades of one color. I’m not sure if design experts would agree on this and I have no idea how much coding would be needed for it, etc. It isn’t essential, but I think it would provide an easier way of working with multiple patterns. I’d be happy with eight well-chosen Preset colors, or a set of custom colors.This is a minor “nicety” request, the all gray as it is now is certainly fine.

Thanks for your consideration. :slight_smile:

Hi @1stInversion

thanks for the suggestion, it is something we have discussed before and some of us in the team would really like this as well.

It would make sense as a preference, not everybody likes having multiple colors or you might want multiple patterns to share the same color.

There are some features in development that will also benefit from this. I think we will get to it during the next year. Not sure yet which release it will be a part of.


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Hi, Ed.

I’d be happy with eight different colors for each Pattern, but would also like to be able to assign colors to patterns on the fly. If I have multiple instances of Scaler running, one set of Patterns might be the “green” set, another, the “red” set and on.

I like Scaler as it is now, too. Very clear, comfortable interface. Sometimes too much color information clutters things, and there’s always the concern for users who have some degree of color blindness or color sensitivity.

I look forward to the development.

Take care for now,