Multi out in Logic Pro with BBCSO Discover

Loving the 2.7 update and watched David on Youtube demonstrating orchestral divisi multi out using Kontakt libraries. I don’t have any orchestral Kontakt libraries and have tried to get it to work with BBCSO Discover in Logic Pro with no success.

Has anyone had any success with this?


Not sure it will. It’s multi-output but I don’t think it’s multi-timbral so you can’ set double bass to channel 2 and have violins somewhere else as far as I can see. Love go be proven wrong!

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BBCSO is not multi timbral but that only means you use it the way it was designed - 1 instance per channel. So say channels 1 through 4 thats 4 instances. Violins 1 channel 1, Violins 2 channel 2, etc.
Remember all notes of the chord comes out channel 1. Also if you only have 3 note chords that’s only going to be 3 channels.


now I understand why I have difficulties in routings
now I suspect the OPUS Brass and the Garritan World Instruments are the same, YUK
so I need multiple Scaler and dedicated Pitch for each instruments
what a mess for a jammer :grin:

anyway, BBSCO devs have templates for free, that help a bit

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That’s a shame. I’ll have to look at other options.

@swhite99 Hallo,
I downloaded the version 2.7 earlier and watched the videos, have been trying to get the multi out to function in Logic, so far no luck. However it worked very well in Unify so if you have that you can get BBCSO Discover to play in Logic using Unify instead of Kontakt.

I will continue trying to hack Scaler 2.7 into Logic pro X so that the individual midi outs are working, in ReMidi 2 and InstaComposer which are similar this is possible.

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How do you find Unify? I demoed it a while back and got very confused

@JonSeyton Hi

you find it here, I have found another solution. Need to test it, see you guys soon.

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I meant how is it use! Looking forward to your alternative

Hi all

just found an article about the topic in Logic

and here is the evidence I am smart enough to avoid that :rofl:

BTW, there is a further reason to avoid this workflow: if you use just one Scaler instance, all instruments will receive the same series of chords, patterns, riffs, etc., and you also lose the Master & Follower feature to add variations

So I suspect that the multi-out is wonderful for multi-timbral synths like Omnisphere, but I suspect they are not very useful for orchestral plugins where divisimate is better

Do I am wrong?

That article is rather old! Logic environment looks like a minefield to me.

Hi guys,

the environment method didn’t work for me see the above posts.


We got there. Element Scaler BBCSO 5xStereo.logicx

I am using Logic 10.7.4 on Big Sur 11.6

I have made a Template 5 x stereo out of BBCSO Discover version 1.5 you need this, I had to update, they call it repair in the Spitfire

Scaler 2.7 using the multi voice midi output.

You will also need this freebie Kushview Element available here —> Download Element - Kushview
Linux and Windows 64 bit for those who may need it, for those others above download the DMG and install. AU is what the above needs this is a Logic Pro X Template.

How do we get the Template, is there any storage facility available here ? I have only been here a few hours
it is 1.2 MB

one final check before posting.

I’ve had some luck following this approach, still testing it (not got much time today):

I’ve been playing scaler into Retrosynth and an arpeggiated patch on Alchemy — crazy stuff!

@ ClaudioPorcellana

I don’t appreciate the Kontakt method because the original poster wanted to use BBCSO Discover with Scaler 2.7 multi voice out. I have done it 5 separate channels of midi routed to 5 instances of Discover.

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PS no idea if the Scaler sync works or not, I am working on getting more outputs = bigger juicier chords although I have restricted musical theory knowledge.

update: It is looking good for all 16 midi channels. Musicians with 2 good hands, large keyboards and good theory could use that maybe. 8xStereo + 8xmono

Bricasti 1 Halls 27 Saint Gerold M-to-S.wav included for Space Designer

So does Scaler live inside Element so not directly under Logic control?

What does this give you Unify doesn’t (except being cheaper!)

One thing about Logic, IIRC each channel can only run on one core, so splitting instruments out is preferable to lumping them all on one channel somehow


Yes I can’t get Logic to accept the individual outputs from a midi splitter, works with other software. I had some similar Issues with Arturia pigments (using the Pigments sequencers for other things) and succeeded in doing that with Elements and Unify. Advantage using Elements is definitely the audio outputs, downside everything runs on one thread. 16 separate midi channels with Space designer was full load on one of eight.

Unify spreads the load far better, each new midi channel gets a new thread, downside only stereo out, If you are a big fan of BBCSO Discover John (Plugin Guru) and Geoff Stradling’s preset bank is something else. of course it costs. What I heard from my system today makes the 2.7 Scaler multi voice out worthwhile with the Discover software.

you can demo this.

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Thanks. All very interesting and I’m a dabbler! I might try setting up a Scaler follower farm and give each of those an instrument on a midi channel and see if it works. If not I’ll be spending more time with Omnisphere. Tried Kontakt, easy enough to set up but I’m not a big fan of being inside Kontakt to add effects / mix…

I can’t complain (but do!) — it’s just a hobby

See what you mean about price, add in Unify and I’ll be saving my Black Friday shillings for something else!

Hi, feel the same about Kontakt doesn’t do it for me, Omnisphere may be the deal, I don’t have it and don’t want to go there. There are in the meantime other DAW s out there that handle midi a lot better than Logic. I only have that and Reason which is a completely different ball game, I won’t be getting a new DAW either. Making do with what I have which to be honest is far too much. Black Friday hmmm …its kind of planned.