Multi out in Logic Pro with BBCSO Discover

Got it to work in Kontakt with Audio Imperia’s Areia library. The trouble is that you need to edit the chords. So that chord notes will fall within the range of each instrument. I feel this is something that needs to be done for any authentic library…

Welcome to the forum @omar17166 You can always use Voice Grouping profiles (top right) for this, that’s what the ranges (c2-b3 etc) are intended for.

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Thanks Davide. Yes it helps as a starting point… Some chords still have to be manually edited though to get some member notes within an instrument range!

Hi Davide,

Any solution to my original post?


as explained above by e.g.Jamieh and others
the BBC SO is not multi-timbral so you have to drive each instrument with a different Scaler instance


Actually what I said is that each MIDI channel from Scaler needs routed to it’s own instance of BBCSO.
SO Channel 1 is 1 instance, Channel 2 is a 2nd instance, etc.

ahem… different channels, and why?
if multiple Scalers drive multiple BBCSO instances, why using different channels?
I am using channel 1 for any BBCSO instance with no problem

I think to have got so far that nevertheless the MIDI channels you route, Ableton will nicely kill your marvelous convoluted exotic routing sending all data in Channel 1

Aren’t we talking about multi channel output from Scaler? Multi channel to have the low to high performance note split to its own channel. If you want one scaler per instance of BBCSO then you just need channel one.

I’d go one instance of Scaler, multiple BBCSO’s each receiving different OR multiple channels from Scaler, with an arp/sequencer/note transpose/channel filter/etc. before each instance of BBCSO.


sorry, I forgot there are 2 similar threads ongoing

to much pressure at work these days

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Finally had time to test Element Scaler BBCSO 5xStereo. To make it work on my system I had to remove IAC and connect MIDI directly to Scaler. Then it worked fine. Unfortunately there is no control over Expression and Dynamics.


I have DiscoverStation and CoreStation for Unify so that might be a useful solution. Have you tested multi-out with Unify and Scaler?

Oh yes that is so easy and by far the best, multi channel mixing in Unify is ? + horizontal and only stereo out, come on Shane get your act together :wink:. I have the Discover Station as well nothing more to be said about that. :+1: :ok_hand: Not sure if you could use the orchestra patches with Scaler multi voice out though, there would be a lot going on.

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