Multi out is a bit wonky

Hi I love the new update for multi out but am having issues with kontakt and sine player both. No matter what I do I cannot get my tracks to output any midi notes. I can play around with it fine and have the sound coming through fine but for the life of me I have tried absolutely everything and it just will not output any notes into my midi items when using Kontakt or Sine wether I am uising one instance or multiple instances on separate tracks.

I have it working great with any other VST’s but not Kontakt or Sine. I have it setup just fine with BBC discovery free orchestra and I have it working so the midi outputs and records to the separate tracks like it is supposed to. But is there some secret setting in kontakt and Sine player I am missing? I am using Reaper and I am pretty advanced user, I tried every different method of routing.

Track 2 and track 9 both have instances of scaler with Multi out I just have them on my 2nd screen and you cannot see them, that is how I am controlling the chords here I am just using the mouse left click in Scaler. I set my tracks to Record armed to be able to print the midi out. You see it works fine with BBC orchestra but for some reason no matter what settings i try I cannot get Kontakt to print out midi using Scaler and Multi out, I had the same problem trying it on one single track using Divisi multiple channels within a single Kontakt Instance, same thing, No midi notes are output when I arm the record. This same thing happens with Sine player. Does anyone have this working with Kontakt? I must have spend 8 hours messing around with this now. Cannot figure it out. send help.

Are you setting the MIDI channel within Kontakt and Sine? You need to do that as well as setting the MIDI channel going into the track.

I have tried omni setting and individual channels both yes. Scaler sends to the tracks and sound comes out but no midi notes will output when record armed using Kontakt as shown in the video. It is a real mystery honestly.

Hey Maple

I’m on Studio One / Win so I can’t duplicate your DAW, but I use Kontakt, SINE and BBC all the time with Multi Voice with no issues at all. I’m working with it pretty much every day since 2.7 dropped.

I spent a couple hours this morning trying to replicate your scenario with no luck. Since you are getting the sounds from the instruments, and if I were a betting man, I’d bet on a DAW setup scenario where the track recording input is “listening” to something different than what the instrument is listening to… It should be pretty easy to isolate.

  1. FWIW, I would start with a simple single Scaler to a single instrument setup in SINE. Try to record with MVO on and with it off. No record, stop and go to step 3
  2. I could record in step 1 as expected, hen I’d add a second instrument in SINE, set the appropriate channels (you will need to set the SINE Player channels and the MVO channels and see if you can record with and without MVO enabled.
  3. If you cannot record, post an image of your setup and the exact steps you used to create and maybe someone with your DAW can spot the issue.

FWIW, here is a single SINE Player setup with 2 instruments/patches along with 2 BBC instances (with one duplicated) that I used to try to replicate your situation. You can see all the midi for each of the MVO channels with the last track showing the composite voice (MVO-1). Good luck

There is no problem recording MIDI from Kontakt or Sine on my setup. I’ve never had a problem. This is in Cubase, Bitwig, Ableton and Digital Performer. Can you record your keyboard into Scaler or Sine without Scaler being in the middle?

of course, I have made many projects already without scaler. Midi keyboard works fine with all my libraries which is why I find this so frustrating. And I don’t think you guys are understanding, the midi keyboard and scaler both link to kontakt fine. The sound commes out that is supposed to be… but no midi notes get printed to my items. Is a mystery still

In reaper with the BBC orchestra discovery all I do is have scaler on one track then send channels 2 through 5 of the scaler track to Double Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin. Then I set those 4 tracks recording setting to “record midi out” and it works fine. I am really not understanding why this will not work with kontakt libraries or sine. I went into kontakt and have tried setting the input to Omni and also to the correct channels, it works both ways to get sound, but does not print midi when i hit record. it’s weird.

As per i have read in other threads about this the way a daw handle their MIDI inputs to use this scaler feature is very specific to the Daw and to the Operating System. For some daw like Studio One this is very clear and easy to manage, for others like cubase or Live it is more tricky or even needs another plugin. I have not read any comment but yours about the REAPER case.

In summary it is not a Scaler or Kontakt issue, it is a daw issue. Unless You have another vst with multi out working fine in REAPER with Kontakt.

You need another REAPER+Scaler+Kontakt user.


I’ve been testing this in Reaper using Xpand!2 (multi timbral on channels 1 to 4) and haven’t found any real issues. The only thing to remeber is that the output channels from Scaler are

Channel 1 → the whole chord
Channel 2 → the lowest note
Channel 3 → the next note
and so on.

So on a C maj triad

Channel 1 → the whole chord = C E G
Channel 2 → the lowest note = C
Channel 3 → the next note = E
Channel 4 → the next note = G.

Just tried it with the free Kontakt player nad ad no issues, except for finding where to set the midi input channel on each instrument (I don’t use Kontakt very much).