Multi-Out Note Order Question

First time around with the block with the new Multi-Out feature – a question and some initial observations. (Working in Cubase Pro 10).

The multi-out is working as demonstrated in the new 2.7 video and I might like it even more when working with an Omnisphere multi. Great feature. I instantly am getting clean, uncluttered sounds much faster and easier than before. (Several workarounds – track exploding, note muting, etc. now, gladly trashed, or not needed as much I think.). There’s a lot of creative potential in this. One example, an Omni Multi channel can have its own Appregiator.

For Cubase users. Steinberg’s Halion Sonic SC Multi’s doesn’t seem to work like Omnisphere’s Multis. Is there a way to do it? No matter the settings I get full all-note chords on all channels in an HSSE Multi, not the single chord tones. As per the video, loading instances of HSSE, or any number of instruments worked fine. Very helpful, but the user still has to bounce to each instrument to adjust sounds.

Question: Do I have it right that the Note Order is Lowest to Highest starting with Channel 2, lowest and ascending though the chord – Ch. 3 next pitch higher, Ch. 4 next up and so on? Thanks. :slight_smile:

A very musically useful new feature to the program. Thanks.

Hey @1stInversion Yes correct, and entire chord on Channel 1. Feels like a different program doesn’t it with multi out, like more pro. Using it right now for a trailer and it’s just right. Could develop more no doubt but for a start it’s great. Thanks for feedback.


Multi-out is definitely a great new feature. I’m finally getting ‘easier’ and better use of UVI Falcon’s multi preset capabilities. Thanks to you also for posting such clear Scaler 2 tutorial videos to help people get up and running quickly and effectively…


Welcome @Simpl3Sim0n Haven’t tried UVI’s stuff yet but good call will do.

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I’m happy with UVI’s products although it takes a little while to adjust to their way of tweaking sound design parameters across the Program / Layer / Keygroup structure. Sound quality is excellent…

I have a totally separate question about MIDI capture and saving to a file on the iPad version of Scaler, but I might post that question separately as your answer may be of interest to others

Cheers, Simon

Making me wish I’d grabbed Falcon on sale recently!

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UVI has frequent sales on its products I’m sure it won’t be long before Falcon is on sale again. Their instruments, soundware and effects are all high quality. From a sound design perspective it uses a different approach to other synthesisers but not hard to understand.

If you are not into sound design there is a free workstation that plays all their sound packs - it’s effectively Falcon but you can’t make new sounds. Plus they have a thing called SonicPass that is a subscription model that grants access to all products,

Falcon is extraordinary. :slight_smile:

So I suspect. I use Pigments and Omnisphere, don’t scratch the surface of either. I do like the look of the arp / sequencer. I don’t do subscriptions (thought I’d probably save money!)

I’m with you @JonSeyton I’m not a fan of subscriptions either


Many subscriptions are not worth it. Or only in very limited circumstances. The UVI subscription is actually pretty good. You get a lot for your money, assuming you don’t already own a bunch of their products. If you have none or only a couple the subscription can make sense, assuming of course you feel that you’ll make use of a lot of their products. I personally didn’t buy into the subscription but that’s because I already owned almost every product from them I was interested in and I figured that it would be rare that they introduce enough new products each year that would be of interest to me to make the subscription worth while. So I just buy the ones I’m interested in.

The EW composer cloud makes sense if you don’t own any of their libraries and you can make use of them on a regular basis. Musio from Cinesamples is the same.

The key with all these seems to be, having a need for a large number of the products included and getting into the subscription at a point in time where you don’t own any of them or very few.

Other subscriptions just don’t seem very worth it at all. The NI instruments one didn’t seem all that worth it to me in contrast to others out there.