Multi Out Success Story #1

I was glad when Scaler added multiple midi channels. I will still find that very helpful at times. However, this new Multi-Out feature takes Scaler a strong big step forward. I’m still adapting to it but love this new feature. As David mentioned in another thread the new Multi-Out does make Scaler feel more professional. It’s much easier to get uncluttered, yet full and interesting sounds easily.

Here’s the screen of the channels from the start of a project. With just one instance of Scaler I’m able to generate good sounding music very quickly.


yes, but you lose the capability to drive different instruments with different patterns
and this can be unsuitable for orchestral instruments, also because (but not only) they have different note-ranges

In general, I think that the Multi-Out feature is more suitable for multi-timbral synths, and way less for orchestral stuff


I see. I’m not working with any of the big orchestral programs as yet. I work with with Multi-Timbral synths, HalionSonic SE and Omnisphere. Both are working as described in the OM and the video. I love this new feature in Scaler.

Not so my friend, not so. It’s all about orchestration. In addition there is nothing preventing you from multiple Scalers with multiple outs. That is where I am heading.

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yes, indeed, I checked after and noticed you are using it with synths

Yes, sure, but it was more a personal rant, because I believed to need that option to drive my orchestral stuff, but I found that is not the case, for me at least

I have just completed a test with the Garritan World Instruments and I found that my super-easy workflow for the BBC SO is OK for the Garritan as well
the only problem is that the Garritan contain tons of exotic instruments with very exotic noteranges, and pattern requirements so there is more work to do

This is not work, my friend. This is merely preparation for the music yet to be heard.


and you know how little I love preparations…