Multi Out works, but I've no idea why?

I tried following along with Davide’s piece on the Multi-Out options but couldn’t follow without third-party instruments like Konkact.

However, I discovered that having the Multi-Voice Output in Preferences set to ON impacts the Stock AU instruments in Logic. I tried several, and it seemed to improve this significantly, whereas you usually get that fuzzy, muddy sound, now there was clarity! :+1:

I used the Sampler (Multi-Sample) instrument and scrolled through the pre-sets. Due to this, I’ve now put the Multi-Voice Output on by default.

I don’t know why, so I would love someone to explain.

Also, is there any chance someone can follow Davide’s video on this but use stock instruments, not third party?

Don’t get me wrong, Davide’s videos are excellent, but he is flying a 747 while I’m still flying behind in my bi-plane trying to keep up! If you get the picture!

I’m trying something similar in Logix, but got sidetracked with Omnisphere multi presets. Can’t see how to get a Logic stack to let me put Scaler as an engine pumping midi to lots of arturia plugins. I assume adding a drum instrument gives very weird results — may try Battery in a minute! Thought add jump in so I can follow this conversation

Hi Jon and thanks for the contact.

So your using third party instuments, Ominisphere and Arturia which I’ve got not idea about. I have looked at third party stuff, as you do, but expensive and then there is which ones do you go for? I think you could just spend a lot of money and time just buying instruments. :roll_eyes:

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You got me! Trying not to spend money these days though… Black Friday permitting!

I’m not looking to create any of those big production pieces, just simple stuff like in the old days when there was just Pop music… and… more pop music! Now… House, Deep House, Trance, EDM, Lofi, Neo, Crash, Bang and Wallop! :thinking: So all I’m looking for is a set of drums, few guitars and a nice piano to play some simple 60s, country, folk type stuff :cowboy_hat_face:

BIAB can be fast and good for that purpose.

Hi Kimmo,

I did look at BIAB when I started, but only for ipad and limited in use, but I guess it could have improved.

You must be a BIAB user, so I’d love to see what you managed to create with it.

Do you think that Scaler isn’t what I’m after?

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No, I’m not saying that Scaler isn’t the right one. With it, you can at least look for nice chord progressions in the stylistic directions you mentioned. I think BIAB is good in Folk, Country, etc. So you can use both programs equally. Of course, other programs can be used alongside Scaler. Scaler is a great and versatile application that develops with every update. In a year or two, it can already be the overwhelming number one on the market, unless it is already in some areas.

Perhaps the instruments are all layered and by separating the notes you get less sound happening hence the comments on clarity / muddiness. It would be haphazard, unless the instrument is arranged to match 2=bass, 3=… and so on. You’re only getting (AFAIK) up to 4 notes as well, perhaps that is reducing the clutter

Thanks. I know what you mean. I’ll have a look, but I don’t like going from one thing to another. I’m easierly distracted and find myself playing with the latest piece of software and not focusing on what I should be doing.

The latest Scaler update with the Live Syncing is interesting. The ability to have different parts playing together is excellent.

There are so many great options that it is sometimes overwhelming, and it’s the simplification of what’s offered that I’m working on. I hope that makes sense.

Mac OS 12.6 Monterey MacBook Pro M1
Logic Pro 10.7.4

Hi Jon and thanks for your thoughts.

I think you’re right, but I can’t get my head around it midi. How I press a key and a signal is passed from my keyboard, to the AU Insturment and out pops the sound. It’s like me driving, I’ve got little idea what goes on under the bonnet. I just want to know it works and does what it should… if you know what I mean? I don’t really want to get under the bonnet if I can help it.

A simple instument playing a single note is on one midi channel?

Were as a multi layered instrument, which has strings, and pads etc using more that one midi channel, but all played together.

I think I need to do a bit more research on Midi. Is there someone out there who can direct me to a good source that explains it in a way that even I can understand.

Mac OS 12.6 Monterey MacBook Pro M1
Logic Pro 10.7.4