Multi voice out when using Logic Pro

I am trying to figure out the process to use multi voice out in Logic Pro and use multiple instances of UVI Falcon for each midi channel, but I’m stumped as to how to set this up. Anyone know how to do this?

Hey @CWilson. Due to limitations of the AU plugin format, you aren’t able to use multi-voice out in Logic Pro with multiple instances of plugins across multiple tracks. You can however use the Scaler Control MIDI effect in front of a single multi-timbral plugin (e.g. Kontakt) and set each part of the multi-timbral plugin to receive a seperate MIDI channel.

I’m not too familiar with UVI Falcon, but if it is multi-timbral you should be able to get this to work.


This just saved me wasting more time trying to figure this out. Makes sense, just surprised to find this limitation in Logic

That said, I’ve got Maschine and I just managed to set up Arturia Mini V3 on channel 2 and Pigments for the rest and it seems to work, if rather cumbersome. No idea what it would do to CPU!

Just need a simpler program to act as a wrapper!

BTW — some of the new performances sound rather good in Pigments with (eg) Choral Strings.

I suppose the limitations Tristan mentions about the AU plugin format relate to the fact that the AU format is Mac based. AU seems to be Mac and VST more Windows, although they have more in common than differences. Plus, VST can often be used on Mac.

I’m not a Kontakt user, but from what I’ve seen, it always runs through a front-end controller and not as individual plugins. So I’m guessing this Kontakt front-end controls the midi configuration too. Davide seems to use it a lot.

Davide did say that the midi could not be configured at this moment.

I did leave a post about how the Multi-Out options did seem to improve the sound of the AU instruments. I would like to hear all comments and suggestions on why this should be. Here is a link…

Mac OS 12.6 Monterey MacBook Pro M1
Logic Pro 10.7.4

Kontakt is a plugin, and lets you layer instruments on various midi channels. Unfortunately they have to be compatible, so I can’t drop the Arturia synths in but can do a lot of Kontakt instruments (David uses the sampled bass and electric guitar). It would be great for orchestration for example

You don’t need multiple instances of Falcon just create a Multi preset with how many instruments you want. A1 is MIDI channel 1, A2 channel 2 and so on.
Look in the Tutorials section of this Forum and I posted a short video about Multi Out in Logic with Falcon and Hyperion…