Music on film

hello friends
just found that contest
take a look and enjoy your music
happy we

Thanks for your warning, Pastema
This is my participation in the contest, with I catch you
#scorerelief2022 I catch you - YouTube
Naturally, the chord progression starts at Scaler

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Certain. And it is also true that it would have been much easier for me to do it as you say, but I refuse to write vulgar things. That is why it has taken me time to do it this way, which is the one I like. Thanks for your opinion; Although it is different from mine, I appreciate it as constructive criticism, and I hope that the jury does not think the same as you, :grinning:

I’m quite curious why you feel my opinions are vulgar or would make the end results vulgar? As a composer my goal has always been to help tell the story in the best way possible.

I have said that it would have been easier for me to do it as you propose, but that I refuse to do vulgar things. Vulgar is what the common people do, what is current, perhaps what is normal. I want to do other things that I like more. Also, as it should be, I respect your opinion, even if I don’t share it. Anyway, this is what I’ve submitted for “I catch you”. Now I’m working on the other video. Thanks for your opinion, but I’m not going to change the music for the video because, as I said before, I like it that way, and maybe the jury will like it too. that would be great of course


I also like it as it is. I often find the background music (“underscore”?) too loud when someone is speaking and that dialog matters. Too loud of a background distracts me from focusing on what is said. So I quite like the subtleness of your underscore, very fitting. So if I were part of the jury, you’d get a 10 :wink: