Musical pads... ;-)

Hi there

Have you ever noticed that musical-style mouse pads are in the market?

For example

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But, maybe this one
is more suitable for @Bernd or @davide

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I’ll have vinyl one please, can I replace artwork with :wink:


You control your computer with a mouse? I use steam pipes & cogwheels…

But seriously…

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This one with the lamp inside is amazing
and very practical when your forty-branched brass-chandelier runs out of oil

Tu sei troppo avanti…

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Tubes are back en vogue in sound gear :stuck_out_tongue: In this case, it makes the aleatoric MIDI generated feel “warmer” :wink:

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yes, I see
I have a tube radio at home
sometimes I am tempted to resuscitate it, but I suspect there are no more suitable radio stations