Musical Showcases?

Is there a forum where users can demonstrate what they were achieving with Scaler/2?

For example, I tend to post my experiments with music/sound tools on Soundcloud.

Would be cool to listen to show cases to hear what people are doing with Scaler, to inspire those of us still learning how to use it.



I admit, sometimes I just spend hours experimenting with my soft synths’ settings using Scaler2 as the “keyboard”, i.e. play various chord sequences & voicings. Nothing ever evolves into a whole musical piece from that, but is sure is fun to listen to the rich soundscapes :slight_smile:


Remarkable… just picked all the chords from the F Dorian Mode scale, in “Variations” mode (Tonic F)…

…and set expressions like so…

…with built-in synth…

1min work turned into something that should be incorporatable in something bigger, movie suspense? :wink:

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I Bernd, Scaler 2 is behind all keyboards and electric guitar arpeggio in this track I am producing at the moment . The original concept actually started playing with XO and Arturia OB-Xa played through Scaler 2.


It’s awesome, I like it! Too bad I don’t rap. I’d make the swoosh sound a bit mellower/quiter, as it comes across as a bit sharp for a chill mood.

Agreed, that was an error in the mix, it’s in my TODO list :slight_smile:

Hope no one minds my contribution to this Showcase - Scaler2 is all over this piece. To the point that I would not have completed this without Scaler2.

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I like it, Dan! One couldn’t really hear the Scaler influence until the pizzicato strings set in at 1:28 :wink:
Interesting you named your piece “perseverance” - I had experimented with a series called “patience” around the first few weeks of the pandemic lockdown. It is fascinating to see how folks are processing these uncertain times with making music.

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No matter how much I experiment with chord progressions and “harmonies”, I keep ending up producing something straight from a movie (usually suspense, horror, or sadness). I wonder why that is? Is it that electronic music lends itself for such genre with its potential for unusual resonances?

This sketch is based on the Scaler 2 Artists section “Alexkid->Detroit”, performed with “Adagio->Accento” on. Aside from the Scaler 2 soft piano, the pads are played by Arturia Pigments’ Atlantis patch.

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Hey, Bernd,
Hope you don’t mind, but I uploaded a file into your compilation. My first proper go at scaler, and really my first go at producing anything! Feedback very welcome

Hey Nick, of course! I forgot to say that was the intent of creating the Kompoz project, to invite others to share their work, if they don’t already have a forum where they can post and share with others. Would be fun to put a project together that was entirely driven by Scaler & and its users, then D&E could use it for the marketing :slight_smile:

So you used Scaler, and then drove a Guitar plugin? Which progressions did you use? I suppose I could have Scaler Audio detect that, hah!

I made chord trigger tracks for various song parts then had that picked up by scaler instances driving virtual instruments.
With the syncing function, it allowed a interesting testing of various keys and chord sets, as the whole thing updated on any change. What a piece of software, completely amazing.

The workflow options are so open here.


I just completed a prog tune using 2 Scaler lines for a pipe organ and a guitar
you can listen a sample here

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Pretty cool, I like!

now I am quite busy, and composing music is one of my 3 hobbies, so my tunes need a lot of time to be completed
when my new rock album (surely all made with Scaler 2) will be completed I’ll let you know

in the meanwhile I leave here the link to my first rock album in case you don’t know where throwing your rotten eggs

My first jam using Scaler 2.1 …

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This is all Scaler 2.09 chords with 2 scaler instances. One the strings and floaty stuff and the other piano.
Dividing High and Low voices with the pitch transpose and a M4L device in Ableton Live. Still a work in progress.
Obscure Sorrow

I like this idea. I like doing things with minimal key movement sometimes.