My first album is available again!

Long before there was Scaler there was actually learning and playing!
Back in 1983 I released my first album consisting of music of France, Bretagne and original compositions. Recorded on a Teac 4 track cassette recorder generously loaned to me by a friend.
Recently I found the original Master tapes and my friend Dave Fulton kindly transferred them to Digital for me.
Ancient Roads | New Directions my first album from 1983 in now available for the first time in digital format remastered from the original master tapes. Use the code “newroads” for a 10% discount!
Very folk oriented with some synth tossed in the mix.
Sorry for the blatant advertising but it feels kind of cool to get it back out there after all this time.


Add a flute on The Last Days of Autumn and a Jethro Tull song jumps out :grinning:

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Funny you should say that. My best friend at the time was an avid Tull fan and a flute player. We played in a couple bands together with noticeable Ian Anderson influence on some of his songs.

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I love it. I really mean it. It’s terrific work. I love folk music. They are pure, raw, and sentimental and your work capture all this.
I don’t know which ones are your originals, but your production is excellent anyway.

Thanks you! There are a good half dozen originals in there and all arrangements are mine.

Great arrangements Jamieh.
All songs are beautiful. I liked them all.

Thanks again! Now available on Spotify.

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I’ve heard at Spotify. Some songs remember Mike Oldfield and some other english artist from the folk scene. I like them a lot. Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span for example. Great group of songs.
I also saw that there are 2 other albums under your discography, but I didn’t see your name. Are they also from you? Song styles are very different.

Those are done for a compilation album for my friends record label. I have several styles I do. Folk was my original then film soundtrack for later works. You can look at my Bandcamp page to get an idea.