My first new Scaler production of 2022


This is the voice of the universe


Bellisimo Bernd!! evocative atmosphere, plenty of reflective energy and light. It reminds me a bit of the atmospheres used by Pat Metheny and Claus Ogerman. In fact I couldn’t help myself and played my guitar to make some very discreet lines on it :innocent:
Thanks for sharing.


Hi @carlosbiab ! Great to hear from you!
Would love to hear your guitar accompaniment, so I can mesh it up with the track and make a Carlos-Remix :slight_smile: Seriously dude, if you can somehow manage to send me the stem (wav file?) I’ll mix it in and give you credits and exposure to my “enormous” fanbase :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Excellent … I just extracted the audio so I could have it running in the background …not going to have to pay royalties, I hope ?? :grinning:


Nope, aside from the Kardashians we don’t have royalty here :laughing:

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King Donald I (in waiting) ?

Sure! count on that, I have to record my guitar, since I only did one live jam without recording. Thanks, :sunglasses: :guitar:

Just trying a free jam with 3 guitars on your awesome track.
1 nylon electro-acoustic guitar solo 00 - 01:46
2. Fretless guitar 01:54 - 05:50
3 Solo electric guitar 05:55 - 8:12

A bit challenging to keep the creative flow due to the length of the track, but I hope you like it.
Any suggestion is welcome.

The Mountain & The Forest | Sound Art by Aleamanic + Guitars cea


It’s amazing Carlos! I love it! We should make more music together like this :slight_smile:
I’ll take another stab at it and then we’ll publish our first EP together, what do you say?



Really excellent ! Was that one take ? (you must have swapped guitars quickly if it was :grinning:)

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¡Bravo! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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The Mountain & The City | CEA & Aleamanic 2022 - YouTube

@carlosbiab here’s the video, I put it on YT unlisted for now, so only people here can see it. Let me know if you’re okay publishing it for everyone to see - and whether you want me to make any adjustments to your credits (and would like me to link to your YT page or somewhere else of your choice)


Nicely done. Very sweet guitar work!


Collaborations that work well are a thing to cherish. This one seems to be a good collaboration. Keep it up!


That skillfully played guitar brought an awesome sounding song about this. It gets to a whole different level with it.

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Thanks @yorkeman

LOL, yeah, someone should be the Flash Gordon of the guitar for swapping that fast with normal instruments. But yes, I recorded everything in a row from start to finish. The secret is this:

I actually used one guitar for all three types of sound. I’m a big fan of the Roland guitar synth system.

Here I played my Godin xtSA guitar equipped internally with a GK type hexaphonic pickup system that sends the separate signal from the six strings to a Boss GP-10 which contains emulations of many types and brands of guitars and basses.

The technology is the well known COSM. It should be noted that it is not MIDI, there is no delay or latency. I use the Roland GR-55 when I need MIDI synthesizer access. In the last solo I used an eBOW in one part for that sweet violin-like sustain.

The nylon acoustic sound of the first solo is from a library called NyRAC (Nylon Real Acoustic Collection) that I designed for COSM. I did it because up to that point I was not satisfied with the Roland Boss nylon guitar factory sounds or any of the custom presets out there. I created a system of two EQs combined with special effects to achieve a psycho-acoustic result.

This is the demo video:


Thank you Bernd! Of course, I’m glad you liked it, besides your track is inspiring and that’s essential. It will be a pleasure to collaborate with your project. One of the things I enjoy and have always done are online collaborations since 1997, hundreds of virtual collaborations maybe! This has been a parallel escape and a way to be active since the nightmare of the dictatorship started in 2000 in Venezuela.

So, I am open to collaborate and contribute my guitars in individual musical projects. Just send me a message.

Sure @Bernd , my pleasure! Thank you. You can list the video and reference my you tube channel and my sound cloud: Stream carlosguitar music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud. My credits are simply Carlos Eduardo Arellano, a Venezuelan and world guitarist. RealTrack Artist for PG Music Band-in-a-Box.

Thank you for your kindness and support.


You got it @carlosbiab! All updated and published. This was fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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