My first scaler attempts

100% Scaler
2nd one

If there is a better place to post these or if I should not, please let me know. Scaler has provided me a way to compose that goes beyond my limited keyboard capabilities since I am a drummer with only moderate keyboard chops.


they are both very interesting, but Tobias is my preferred because you used the flute, something that I tried with old versions of Scaler without success

are you able to upload here the xml files so everybody can understand your path?

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Hopefully, this is correct. I have uploaded the XML files per your request.

Tobias-1-Intro.xml (859 Bytes) Tobias-2-VERSE.xml (641 Bytes) Tobias-3-Pattern 4.xml (583 Bytes) Tobias-4-Pattern 5.xml (491 Bytes) Tobias-5-Pattern 6.xml (307 Bytes) Tobias-Session-2020-12-15.xml (34.7 KB)

Hyperian-1-Pattern 1.xml (813 Bytes) Hyperian-2-Pattern 3.xml (503 Bytes) Hyperian-3-Pattern 3.xml (767 Bytes) Hyperian-Session-2020-12-15.xml (22.2 KB)


within the Tobias files, only the bigger xml makes something
I don’t understand why the others do nothing

I tested the files as well and individual files only load the active progression but not the pattern. If you load the session file (the large one) then all the patterns load properly. I do not know if this is normal or perhaps and “undocumented feature.”

I tested some other files (Blues) and no matter which pattern I load all patterns load the same as if I did the session file load. I suspect these were created prior to 2.1