My first Scaler-centric workflow experiment

I’ve been messing around with Scaler for a while, but lately I’ve started really trying to learn it in depth. (It’s so fun to use that it’s easy to get carried away on a tangent!) This track is the first time I’ve really used a Scaler-centric workflow; everything is generated by three instances of Scaler except for the few bass notes at the end. It’s a simple experiment but I thought it turned out pretty cool.

Frantic on SoundCloud


Well done! Needs to be longer.

What, 36 seconds isn’t enough? :blush:

I’ll get there. Baby steps…

It seems like it has a clear direction. Some subtle movement and dynamics. What performances in Scaler are you using?

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Brilliant Overture to something! Oh the tension to await the main act :slight_smile:
I love the cover art also! :+1:

Appreciate the feedback, guys! This is such a great community.

There are three Scaler instances. All three are set to E Mixolydian b6 scale and key-locked to Scale Notes Mapped:

  1. Melody Color A All in Chord mode, feeding NI Noire piano “Four Hands” preset
  2. No performance (just chords) feeding NI Straylight “As wide as” preset
  3. Bass Trance 2 in Chord mode, feeding Output Substance bass with a simple custom preset

The whole thing is just one chord: E major. Like I said, a simple experiment… :man_shrugging:

Cover art came from (credit to Alessio Lin). Great source for cover art!

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I’m make all my stuff with scaler, everything!!!

Ascolta Lighter Crash di NimMusic su #SoundCloud


Nice and welcome to the community.


Nice work! I haven’t heard actual compositions straight out of Scaler and this was a pleasant surprise. It didn’t sound cut-and-pasted like I half expected. Great start to something epic. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much! Yeah, the performances in Scaler are really high-quality, and feeding them into a good instrument makes them sound fantastic.