My first Scaler video-tutorial

Hi pals

After much effort I was eventually able to make a video-tutorial with ORB and Shotcut

The mic level was too low, or maybe I got something wrong, anyway after a couple of tweaks in Audacity it seems decent

My spoken English is very BAAD, so please tell me FRANKLY if the tutorial is comprehensible, otherwise I’ll come back to my usual textual ones
:cold_face: :grin:

Here is the tutorial

P.S: I think to remember that @lelek asked for a video made by me some time ago… :grin:


Caro amico, questo non è that baddo LOL as you imagined.
In fact, i can understand you well, in spite of relatively low level of signal. But, hey, we have slider to pump it up a bit😁
The only thing i imagine that could be improved is a kind of hesitation when explaining some things, but this happens to all of us when speaking publicly until we get accustomed to it. The important thing is that we know now how you did your magic in Scaler. I am looking forward for more of your tutorials and i am pretty sure the others feel the same.
Grazie Claudio!


Thanks for endorsement Miki :grinning:

I think I must split the job in two, as doing the video and recording my voice at the same time is harder and more prone to errors

BTW, recording the voice in a separate process means more chances to repeat and improve the words used

Another thing I can try, is doing the whole stuff in Italian letting everybody using the Google automatic subtitling

Well, next videotutorial will be about Scaler feeding both chords and riff in AAS Strum-GS :guitar:: I hope it will be better :grin:


You are doing fine! Most of the Youtube content is by ESL people these days. And to me the intention matters more than the style. I would rather listen to someone low key and authentic rather than these flashy marketeer personalities. So, good job @ClaudioPorcellana !

Now people, give thumbs up, like and subscribe with the bell! :grin:


And yes, do some in Italian too if that makes you more comfortable. I listen to this one syntesizer dude in Japan, and the subtitles work just fine, and I enjoy hearing other languages.


Thanks Claudio…great to put a voice with your colorful posts.

I echo @Miki & @Bernd thoughts as well as advocating for a 2 step process (video then audio).

Generating quality extemporaneous dialog during video tutorials takes a lot of practice. Having produced many training videos over they years, I’ve found breaking the process into 2 steps often gives me more flexibility and makes the process easier and generally more fun.

Thanks again and looking forward to your next one!


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Well it’s certainly better than my Italian - my vocabulary is limited to pinot nero / molto bene / Dove sono i bagni .

I think Italian with sub-titles is not only fine, but better. Your enthusiasm will show more in your native tongue; and people retain more from text than speech, IMHO.

aspettiamo la prossima puntata !


Thanks to everybody

I’ll do the next video as advised by @TMacD and in Italian so @Bernd can listen my fulsome Piedmontese speech, neeh! :grin:

And about my audience, in Italy we say: uomo avvisato mezzo salvato


Many thanks, Claudio.

Great to see you in action!
Hope to listen to the final song as well :smiley:


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Ha! Finally! :grinning:
I had no problem understanding what’s going on in the tutorial.
@ClaudioPorcellana, let me know when part II is released :slight_smile:

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Nice job Claudio, always great to see scaler create something different. In a way it makes me want to improve scaler in different ways when I see people make these great tutorials. And you pronunciation of Italian musical expressions is great too :wink:

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Hi all

Don’t forget the next and last episode of the saga:
How to have Scaler playing the guitar: from hero to zero

I just added English handmade subtitles: I did them quickly, so maybe there is still some bad mumble :grinning:

I uploaded this video with English subtitles on Youtube Videotutorial about 1 instance of Scaler 2 driving AAS Strum-GS 2 as well, because my website allows just for 30 minutes of videos :japanese_goblin:

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