My latest Old Bits project

Hello friends and fellow Scalerites. I posted my latest slideshow last week, Scaler all over the soundtrack. If you have 9 minutes to spare on old English churches and assorted medievalia (I think that’s a word), your indulgence is gratefully welcomed.

Cheers to all, and and always, thanks to the Scaler Team for a wonderful product. My compositional skills are scarcely worthy of it.

[ Old Bits: Chapter 13)]


I thought it was wonderful. The music set a mood that kept pace with the slideshow.
I am curious because I’m new at Scaler, what DAW do you work with and a brief rundown on your work flow. I am using Cakewalk with Scaler and just learning how to use it.
Do you have a video track to compose to? Are the tracks mostly Scaler. I would guess about 8+ tracks but just a guess
Great production.

Thanks for watching and for the kind words. :grinning:

I use Studio One as my DAW with a handful of VST’s from various sources. I select and sequence the photos first, then try to time the music (very roughly) for each site for transitions/key changes/tempo changes, etc. Sometimes the music kind of takes over and I have to shorten or lengthen each chapter. I don’t compose the music with the slideshow running (I probably should, Studio One has that ability). I used Scaler for much of this soundtrack, which was composed as one long single piece (68 tracks in Studio One, some as short as one bar). I’m not very disciplined when it comes to workflow, I’m afraid, and I’m still pretty unskilled at mixing/mastering etc. I’ve done more than a dozen of these so far, and I’m afraid my bad habits are pretty deeply ingrained. Mostly, I just kind of wing it. Which may be why it takes me as long as it does to finish a project.

One of the other regulars here (sorry, I’ve forgotten who it was) suggested that a good exercise is to complete a song in one hour, start to finished product. Enforces decision making and leaves no room for second-guessing and endless tweaking/fiddling…definitely a handicap of mine.

Would be happy to hear one of your own pieces when you feel like you have one to share !!

Thanks, I’m just getting into this and your info help a lot. looking forward to your other works.
Will share when I find my way around Scaler