My most ambitious project yet

Another example for the value of using Scaler…there are two tracks with backing pads, each with their own short chord progressions, and I (tried to) harmonize(d) them with help of Scaler. The Scaler part took 10 minutes, the rest 10 hours :wink:

PLANETARY DUSK | Sound Collage by Aleamanic - YouTube

And @davide , can you hear CarbonElectra in there? :wink:


This is filler text since I have to use 20 characters
Well done!

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What a surprising evolution!
Pleasantly astonished

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Aleamanic comes from Alea iacta est and/or “unpredictability maniac”?

You got it, @ClaudioPorcellana , just in musical context.

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What do you mean “evolution” - LOL - in relation to my previous endeavors?

Thank you, especially for going through the trouble to write the filler :wink:

In hindsight I am not quite happy with it, the (sampled) lyrics are too negativ/aggressiv and I am missing the focus on the actual topic (climate crisis, to match the title Planetary Dusk).

I mean that this is a “project” with a Gaia theme, a graphic, a nickname restyling, a complex music
as compared to just fiddling with Scaler buttons and features

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… dropping out from ‘lurking’ triggered by @Bernd’s track …

Excellent, topical, great production !

… back to ‘lurk’ mode !

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Thank you for your kind words, and good to see you, @yorkeman !

Back to holiday mode

Nice tune @Bernd Looks like you’ve found your vibes there…

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