My other hobby: Comic's strips

I am building up a lot of ideas and texts to be converted in comics
Here is the place I put my strips in

Comic strips

Have fun

P.S: Only in Italian at the moment, but I’ll be able to do something in English (or without any text) in the future

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Nice … if I’m not composing/recording music I dabble with digital art on the iPad; Pigment, Procreate …

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We are brother in drawing :grin:

Artrage is way too much complex for comics, but I bought it a couple of years ago, so I use it anyway

Too bad that there are no offline apps dedicated to comics

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Well, actually I found a dedicated app called Comic Life 3:

Tonight I’ll test it, and I’ll let you know

Well, it is very easy to use, but it is for shoots, rather than drawings
And drawings must be made with another software, so I’ll keep using my Artrage 6, even if largely redundant and lacking an easy way to make balloon

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For me, it’s music first and art second. I’m a beta tester for Pigment, an art app that in its basic use is almost ‘colour by numbers’ but you can also create very detailed freehand artworks. I mostly use it a bit in-between. I have retired from Australia to Thailand and take interesting photos about my new home in rural Thailand. I then use Pixelmator to convert the photos to B&W and adjust brightness/contrast so only a faint outline of the original photo is left and then try and create the original photo in Pigment. It’s a relaxing break from music creation…

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Well, photos is the other hobby of my 3 ones :grinning:

But I use pictures found on the Internet because it’s easier to find what I need, compared to search in my several shoots; and I don’t have any shoot I need anyway

For example, today I needed a “hare from behind” and I found this

then I used it as a trace and I made my tennis-player hare (playing with eggs) by hand :grinning:


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That’s great, well done…

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