Native Instruments give aways

Native Instruments are having a ‘give away’ following the formation of a group including Izotope, Plugin Alliance and Brainworx.

Some have featured in prior offers (e.g. Neutron Elements), but there are some new items including Ethereal Earth ambient synth and 6 processing plugins.


yes yorkeman
I’m not a big fan of N.I., although I have some nice tools in Kontakt. Also, thanks to offers in Plugin Boutique, I have been acquiring useful tools from Izotope, but I will tell you that I have the Plugin Alliance Musician subscription (it’s 10$/month) which includes great instruments and effects. In addition, Plugin Alliance sends me a monthly discount voucher of $25 on any purchase that I can apply to discount even the incredible offers that it usually makes. I think the plugins of P.A. they are unbelievably good. The fact of having entered into a new alliance with Native Instruments and Izotope is going to even improve all of this. To celebrate, the Plugin Alliance has given away fantastic plugins ($599 worth) to all of us. Do not miss it. I asure you it is worth it


Thanks for sharing this great giveaway with the community! Some incredible plugins there.

Anyone who can afford to buy that package will have almost everything you need to make music. Personally, I like the sounds of NI and the look of the shows. I don’t have that package, but I’m thinking of saving money and buying a Kompelete 13 package in the future that already covers a huge amount.

The big deal to download even though the package I just bought is only the Kompelete 13 package. There are two even bigger packages out there on the NI page and I will definitely buy them sometime when the money situation allows. Upgrades always get a little cheaper from an upgraded package to a bigger one. The upgrade to this package is already going to be a big leap for itself and is a very big and great selection.

Never been a fan of Con-tack-t never will. Just seems like a PlayStation for a body but all the real creativity comes from people who develop the games for it to make it memorable. For that reason it’s an overpriced plug em and suck em platform