Native Instruments Play Series Instrument celebrating their 25th birthday - FREE until end of December 21

Just started playing with this Kontact Play Series instrument and if you like the NI sounds, you might like this one.

From the website:


  • Explore and experiment with a time capsule of classic sounds from the NI vault – from GENERATOR to MASSIVE X – only available until December 31
  • Pair up two sound sources, then sculpt them into something new with intuitive macro mapping and a powerful FX section
  • Uncover 150 brand-new takes on 25 years of pads, leads, basses, and more from 37 classic instruments

Play Series : Twenty Five | Komplete (

Thanks for sharing this! I am curious to find out how many sounds in this come from old NI synths not available anymore…

I did not see a specific sound listing, however they do list the synths on the site. Also, kinda a cool feature…when you select a sound for the A & B layers, you can see the synth, the preset and the sound pack it where it originated.

I don’t have a lot of NI experience so I can’t comment on the mix of sounds. I do like the simplicity of the Play Series line. The NI interfaces for their mainstream instruments were a bit much for me to decipher early on which is what took me towards Arturia…but I digress.

I played around with it for a bit last night. And since I have had the Komplete Ultimate suite for a while most of the sounds were familiar to me (as a preset surfer I pretty much worked my way through the 30k+ presets in the Komplete Kontrol browser :wink:

And the few sounds from other instruments not supported by modern NI anymore can be heard as echos when playing with Reaktor Factor Library.

I think this 25 years plugin is most useful to people not yet comitted to the NI Komplete ecosystem. BTW, I am also fully commited to the whole Arturia softsynth spectrum :grin:


Wow ! Respect ! :open_mouth:

Did you note a sub-set of good ones for later use at the time ?

You can “star” your favorite presets really quickly. And then you can also tag them, which takes more time. But in the end, I like to train my own mind to remember desirable sounds and then relish having to find them all over again (since I am not a professional musician, I am under no time pressure getting stuff done :wink: