"Nearest Inversion" to be automatic in the modulation section

When I am trying to work on a chord progression in the modulation section > mediants section, when I click on a chord in the next row, the chord sounds sometimes an octave higher, or lat least an inversion or two higher than the chord I just played.
This means that the chord often sounds like it “doesn’t fit” with the chord I just played even though they are pretty closely related.
Might I suggest an “automatic” voicing for the current chord played which is nearest in pitch to the chord I just played.

If I play Dm, C, G then choose a proper inversion for A#/Bb on my keyboard it sounds like it fits well. However, because the pitch is higher in Scaler, it sounds like it doesn’t fit so well.

This has been addressed in 2.1 or improved. And yes I find this all the time but we must remember that there are thousands of chord progressions in scaler across many different octaves so occasionally you will find mismatched voicing. In your example above however it should now always be in the correct range. Just checked in 2.1 we are testing internally and its fine :blush: