Nectar 3 Plus is on sale with 75% discount

Tonight I’ll test the trial, andI’ll let you know

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It’s good. Try on Plugin Boutique, i think there are some bundles. I bough one last year. Ozone, Neutron, Nectar… Tonal Balance Control Bundle, something like this. I believe it’s on rebate, too. The most recent apps, advanced versions.

Ahem, actually it costs less through the devs website :grinning:
and I have all the other tools so the bundle is not an option to me

Anyway they are great instructional tools: at the beginning I always used wizards and presets, while now I am starting to use manual settings

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Yes, you are right, sometimes it is less expensive on iZotope site. I bought the bundle for very affordable price. And, yes, i also try to change the parameters manually. Great tools.

Well I just bought Nectar 3 Plus for 50 EUR as a loyalty crossgrade :grinning:
Actually, I bought Neutron and Ozone as a crossgrade from a free plugin, so the same story
And now my voice jumps out!
Cool tool

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