Need a workround on the SOS Scaler course

I’m just getting back the Scaler course after some weeks of distractions, and have now completed module 1. However, I’ve hit a snag which will keep on recurring as I go through.

SOS folk will throw their hands up in exasperation, but I’m doing this selectively. There are things I have no intention of doing in my music and things which I will study avidly. I’m therefore dodging past the former.

But at the end of module 1, I’m now faced with - gasp, horror- an exam ! I last did one of these over 55 years ago. Worse, I see there is a pass mark ! :face_with_spiral_eyes:
It won’t let me mark it complete until I do this.

Even if it lets me go on after failing, there is going to a list somewhere where I am at the bottom of the page in metaphorical cap with ‘D’ on. This is going to be a problem later on, where I will skip part of the content.

Can anybody offer a way round this, or will I be up for 1000 lines from Headmaster Carbone ? :slightly_smiling_face: … and no snitching to the teacher (“Sir ! Panda minor is trying to cheat, Sir !”)

I expected more from you @panda !
You can still proceed even if you fail, but shouldn’t be that hard to pass!

LOL - Fun question - we call it ‘failing forward’ around here - the difference between WD40 and WD39 - Loving the SOS course, taking my sweet time with it - muffing the questions consistently - and practicing with Module 4 after starting the videos four months ago. The course removes a lot of weight from Scaler’s initial period of figuring out ‘where’ things are and what effects they have on material you’re working with.

(Most) of these tracks were practice from the first three modules:

Getting the overview is incredibly helpful, quiz or no!

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