Need some good tutorials using Scaler2 with guitar Vst's

I am looking for ways to use Scaler 2 with Guitar plugins. like ample sound and NI Kontakt plugins.
I would like to do some chord strumming as well as creating solos using the melody functions in Scaler.
Does Ne1 know of anything like that? I looked at 41 fingers and that is nice, but the actual setting up of the programs and using them is a little difficult for me. Also, I am using Reaper with Scaler 2.
Thank you all, for all the input on this forum for the great program.
The Fishman

You’re right. There are no decent tutorials about this. I have a set up that works good in Cubase, but I don’t know anything about Reaper.
The trick is not to trigger articulation switches with Scaler, and constrain Scalers chord output in a range suitable for whichever guitar you are using.
I’ve long been requesting two things.
First, the ability to constrain chord output within a user defined range. Secondly, separate midi channel output for each string when using Scalers ‘fretboard’ display.
These two options would massively improve Scalers usability with the two plugins you mentioned.
I suggest a lot of trial and error till you find what works for Reaper.
Bottom line, constrain Scalers output to range that your guitar vst recognises and use a separate midi track for your keyswitches/patterns/articulations.