Need some good tutorials using Scaler2 with guitar Vst's

I am looking for ways to use Scaler 2 with Guitar plugins. like ample sound and NI Kontakt plugins.
I would like to do some chord strumming as well as creating solos using the melody functions in Scaler.
Does Ne1 know of anything like that? I looked at 41 fingers and that is nice, but the actual setting up of the programs and using them is a little difficult for me. Also, I am using Reaper with Scaler 2.
Thank you all, for all the input on this forum for the great program.
The Fishman

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You’re right. There are no decent tutorials about this. I have a set up that works good in Cubase, but I don’t know anything about Reaper.
The trick is not to trigger articulation switches with Scaler, and constrain Scalers chord output in a range suitable for whichever guitar you are using.
I’ve long been requesting two things.
First, the ability to constrain chord output within a user defined range. Secondly, separate midi channel output for each string when using Scalers ‘fretboard’ display.
These two options would massively improve Scalers usability with the two plugins you mentioned.
I suggest a lot of trial and error till you find what works for Reaper.
Bottom line, constrain Scalers output to range that your guitar vst recognises and use a separate midi track for your keyswitches/patterns/articulations.

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I made a lot of tests: look for “AAS Strum-GS” in the Search field and you’ll find something; for example this

My personal opinion is that Scaler may manage guitar riffs quite well if coupled with a guitar plugin with its own AI, but doing soloes with Keys-lock green-keys is totally another story and it’s not enticing at the moment, even if I hope that future releases will develop this field

If you mean driving a guitar plugin with patterns like Phrases, Melodies, etc. without using the guitar plugin AI, you will come out with a guitar that seems played by a keyboard player, something I don’t like very much, but YMMV

And to do that you can use the free MIDI Polysher

I have the NI ‘Picked Acoustic’ and have been trying to tie that up with Scaler, although my method of working (unlike many here) is to take the Scaler midi into the DAW and work on it there - a route which will not suit many users, I guess. I also have PluginGurus ‘MM guitars’ for Omnisphere.

@davidehas said on several occasions that guitar specific features (as opposed to minor tweaks) are on the way the way in future releases, so I’m not planning to spend massive amounts of time in trying to overcome limitations at this time. I might even be incentivised to plug my Ibanez into my Line6 PodXT rack and actually play something :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did purchase the Jam Origin midi VST (see ) {Guitar audio to midi conversion]
but not had much time to explore it properly yet, but it looks a interesting route, if only to force me to get back to a rigid practising routine :slightly_frowning_face:

I suggest that the scaler team develop their own instrument VST to match their own scaler.
I also suggest that scaler establish a realtrack, such as band in a box

Here is a tutorial with Scaler and AAS Strum-GS 2, but it is up to you stating if it’s good…

This is gold and is really helpful! Thank you for sharing.

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you are welcome Michael
:guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

The link says “This video isn’t available any more” … did you remove it in the last hour ?

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Hi @yorkeman , it was on YT and I closed the account recently

I asked to Scaler devs to replace the link, and they did it, so the link above is OK now

I looked it just now and I realized that not being on YT there is no automatic subtitles translation

OK, yesterday I made the English subtitles and today I found a way to embed them in a second video, so go to this link and you’ll find both IT and EN videos

Let me know if something is still unclear @tfmc @mmoss7 and other :guitar: ists

Sorry for the mess: After having put the videos in my website, I found that just a few were allowed, YUK!

So they are again in my YouTube channel, and below are the correct links

How having Scaler playing AAS Strum-GS II - From hero to zero

One Scaler 2 instance driving AAS Strum GS-2

Two Scaler 2 instances driving UJAM VG Sparkle