Need to know something if i buy an ipad

hi, since i cant make this app work on any way into a windows 10 32bits… i want to know if i buy an ipad, would be available to use this there with my licence bought on pluginboutique or i need to pay again… thanks.

If you want the full Scaler desktop features on iPad you must buy a second license. But Scaler is free to install on iPad with an in-app purchase to unlock all features…

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dud thats a shame… damn… thanks for the clarity and save me a few bucks i need now.

Download Scaler for iPad anyway as you can use the basic features - it’s free.

and why i paid for a licence then? this is not good.

You pay a license for all the features. The basic is free on iPad. If you want all sounds, patterns, etc. you buy a license. Nothing weird about that.

thats not a FREE version, its a limited one… which i alerady bought a licence for… to use all of the app without limitations.

I don’t understand. You bought a license for the iPad version? Then you should be fine. If you bought a license for the computer version then that’s a separate app.

If I understand you correctly, you bought a PC version which doesn’t work because you have a 32 bit box, and in essence, your want to transfer that to an iPad licence. I have sympathy with that position.

If the PC version didn’t function, then clearly you would be entitled to a full refund, and could then then buy/ swap it for, the iPad licence.

What makes that tricky is if it doesn’t work because your machine is 32 bit, the vendor would point to the website


  • Windows 7 and later
  • 64-bit compatible only

and say it was clear that it required a 64 bit machine. Win 10 is no longer available with a 32 bit option.

However if I were you, I’d go back to Plugin Boutique and say you bought the PC version in error , having missed the 64 bit requirement.
I’d then point out that by definition, you can’t run it, so it would be reasonable to issue an iPad licence. They can’t say that you would have two versions, so they don['t lose anything. What have they to lose, other than goodwill ? I’d say that you have a reasonable chance of getting this to happen.
Print out the machine spec and attach that to the mail to support. Try copying this to Joshua Casper at PIB.

This was a mistake not a scam …

BTW {1} are you in the UK or EU ? {2} what date did you acquire the licence on ?

You have a statutory right in both regimes to return goods in particular circumstances and get a refund.

@panda you are right that he could get a refund. However since the iOS app is sold through the App Store I doubt PluginBoutique could issue an iOS license since they are not the same entity. But with a refund it would serve the same purpose.
I would go ahead and contact plug-in Boutique and ask. To venture not is to gain not as they say.