New Features - Youtube Update Videos and feature lists

Hi all, here’s some youtube links to the Scaler Update videos demoing all the new features of Scaler over its development cycle:

Scaler 1.1

Scaler 1.2

Scaler 1.5

Scaler 1.6


Scaler 1.6
• Improved Drag & Drop - Export strums and arpeggio simply by dragging a chord or
progression to your DAW.
• Scale Lock - New Scale-Lock mode - Map any scale to the white keys
• 10 New Chord Sets - Cinematic - Horror & Suspense
• Arpeggio Sync - Arpeggio now syncs with your DAW
• 2 New Sounds - Electric Piano & Brass Ensemble
• Improved Strumming - Set your preferred strumming direction (Alternate/Up/Down) & discover a new (slower) strumming profile.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Scaler 1.5
• Chord Editing - Create or edit any chord in Scaler and create your own voicing.
• Light UI Skin - A light, clear coloured skin if you wish to change from the default dark look of Scaler.
• 31 New Chord Sets - Cinematic, Joseph Greer, The Temper Trap, Mitekiss, Matt Ridgway
• 4 New sounds - String Ensemble, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonic Guitar
• Guitar Fretboard visualisation (with support for 20+ tunings) - Display notes, chords and scales on a guitar fretboard to help you learn or find voicing for your favourite guitar tracks.
• Arpeggiator - A fully featured arpeggiator with support for 3 patterns (Up, Down, UpDown), 5 timings (from whole note to 16th with dotted and triplets variants) and a latch function.
• Strumming - Simulate a strum on a guitar with 3 different playing profiles (slow, medium, fast).
• Parallel Harmony - Generate a progression from a single chord over 2 octaves in a few clicks.
• Multi Selection of chords - Pick and choose any chord in any order and drag them to your progression for an even faster workflow.
• Scale Lock - Lock all the notes out of the current selected scale to ensure you are always in key when playing melody and chords.
• Relative chord finder - Generate a progression to a specific interval easily even without any music theory knowledge
• 32 chords in progression - Scaler now supports up to 32 chords in the progression builder to allow for more experimentation and variations in your tracks.
• Undo-Redo in progression - Experiment with confidence and revert your changes at any time
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Scaler 1.2
• 20 New Chord Sets - Classical, K-J Pop, Neo-Soul
• 11 new Scales - Lydian augmented scale, Acoustic scale, Major locrian scale, Ukrainian dorian scale, Hungarian gipsy scale, Melodic minor scale (asc), Half-diminished scale, Phrygian dominant scale, Persian scale, Neapolitan major scale, Neapolitan minor scale
• Settings Popup - New centralised settings panel
• Humanize velocity - Provides a more natural playing style by slightly randomising the
velocity of each notes in the chord.
• Triggered note duration control with mouse click
• Export note duration option - Quickly change the duration of your chords before exporting the midi of your progression to your DAW.
• 16 chords in progression - Scaler now supports up to 16 chords in the progression builder.
• Progression Builder Tempo - Scaler now plays your progression at DAW tempo
• Midi Panic Button - Send “all notes off” message easily to get rid of hung notes when
controlling an external instrument.
• New chord set export format - Improve compatibility, modification and facilitate sharing of your chord sets.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Scaler 1.1
• 12 New Chord Sets - EDM, DnB
• MIDI CC pass through - Scaler now let all midi events pass through to allow for better control of external instruments
• Bug fixes and performance improvements
Scaler 1.0 • Initial release

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