New mode for keys-lock: Error noise when key outside scale detected

Useful for practising scales, would beep to tell you that you’ve pressed a wrong key

Hi and welcome @Fancellu Thanks for feedback. Designing that ‘incorrect’ sound would be fun! Something A-tonal I would imagine. I think if anything a better graphical representation.

You could do like NI’s Komplete Kontrol Scale “Learn” mode… just pass through any keys played out of scale as a C0 note, which inadvertently makes an unpleasant sound.

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I’m sure my 3rd grade piano teacher would have preferred an electric shock. :slight_smile:


What, they didn’t use canes anymore where you grew up? I envy you…


The electric shock thing would be fine for the conductors. When a musician makes a mistake, you can hear it, but when they make a mistake, nothing happens, not even a red light is lit on the baton :rofl: :rofl: