New Musical Collaboration?

Struggling to cope with the Eastern European crisis, I thought I want to process this musically. So I am looking to create a satirical song, called “Pu Pu Puta-tin, bastard child of Stalenin”… based on the theme of this old song…

Who wants to participate?

Careful with that. Polonium poisoning is unrecoverable from!! :smiling_imp::confounded::eye::alien: Unless you have put on the armour of God!!

Nah…it’s a rare substance, not enough of it to poison every decent human rising up against this despot. Asides…“we have nothing to fear but fear itself”, as a famous American Statesman once said. That is the only true weapon a despot has, instilling fear in people, but it takes two to tango.

Switched directions… less abrasive in lyrics, yet processing the tension and chaos…


It doesn’t take much.