New options and forthcoming trouble in the Yorkeman houshold

I guess you have spotted

shift A B and C select sections and bind

alt O and S save and restore state (Yippee!!)

Great work, Davide and team! New content and functions looks great !

I can just see later tonight

(Mrs Y)
Wil you quit playing than damn game and come to bed ?
It’s not a game - it’s serious and creative software
(Mrs Y)
Then what does it do ?
(me, wondering how to explain what it all is)
Well, it’s all rather complex
(Mrs Y)
So I’m too dumb to understand it?
(me, sensing that I am on quicksand)
Well, you just don’t have to worry your pretty little head about it
[Whack !!! *^%!: :face_with_head_bandage:]


+1 for Davide and Team.

And yep…my “it’s kinda hard to explain” response to the “What are you doing at your keyboard all day” question did not go over well either. :slight_smile:

I am lucky because I am an owl while my wife is a lark

So I can tickle the ivories with total piece of mind after 11:00 pm when she sleeps like a log

you make music with dead elephants? :wink:

:thinking: mmm, if a pun is involved I didn’t understand it
:woozy_face: :grinning:

Ivory, the material, has been made largely from elephant tusks, usually killing the elephant. When you say “tickle the ivories”, I suspect you mean playing the keyboard, because piano keys used to be made from ivory, hence from dead elephant materials. Did I kill the joke effectively enough now? :wink:

sure did, but FWIW I got it. Is it is anything to do with ‘piano’ being Italian for ‘floor’ ?

Because of the epidemic, I seldom go out. I am in my bedroom.
So what do I do?
Play Scale more than 8 hours a day.
All kinds of playing, all kinds of inspiration, very happy
Besides eating and sleeping, I play scaler
Ha ha ha ha ha ha :grinning: :crazy_face:

OK, sorry if I ruined the pun

You are welcome guys. Congrats to @Ed1 @James @luapmartin and all the rest of the team that have worked very hard over the past few weeks.
I’m not sure everyone has fully discovered all there is so with a bit of time today I hope to make a video covering all the new features. The common progressions are fun and I absolutely love being able to swap between performances and scales via MIDI CC.

My wife plays piano and still says she has no idea what scaler does.

Piano means everything in Italian, Piano Piano even more! Probably the thing I heard most around my household growing up!



Here endith the lesson. :slight_smile:

I love the conjugations in the Italian musical terms, how you can make it ever more extreme/superlative by just repeating the syllables… Pianissississimo, “we really mean it!:wink:

I’m afraid you missed and added something :grinning:

I take your word for it as a native speaker. Damn the Internet…
OnMusic Dictionary - pianissississimo

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BTW, @Bernd do you know Supercalifragilistichespiralidoso?

It is the new progression of the “Allegro con moto” series that will be included in Scaler 2.5

But it’s a secret, don’t go around telling everybody

They are indeed silly musical phrases where a conductor somewhere has decided to do exactly that!

‘A directive to perform the indicated passage of a composition as soft as possible, even softer than pianississississimo (ppppp). The abbreviation for pianissississississimo is pppppp’

The Italian in the orchestra would be shaking his head at the bastardisation of ‘La Bella Lingua’ but pppppp is here to stay!