New Scaler 2 Driven Track..."The Spartans (And Heros Fall)"

Another piece from my sojourn into Orchestration…recorded with Studio One 5.2

“The Spartans (And Heros Fall)”

A tribute to the greatest warriors in history who brought Democracy to the world.

Epi SG and SX Strat guitars BOTH with P-90s.

Keyboard: Arturia KeyLab 88 Essential

Virtual Instruments:

Scaler 2
AIR Xpand 2
East West Quantum Leap Pianos
East West Hollywood Orchestra OPUS Edition
Amplitube 5


LOL interesting interpretation of history…that explains a lot :wink:

The Battle of “Thermopylae”

More importantly, what did you think of the track?

Scaler 2 is the real driver behind it. :slight_smile:

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Great music. Has the heroes vibe all over it. Well done!

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Beautiful track - it was a great pleasure to listen to it :heart:. There is one transition (two times in the track) I find a tiny bit harsh - when everything goes silent and then piano kicks in followed by background violin section.

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Yeah…now that I listen back on the mix there’s a bit of overhang from the Xpand 2 Synth…I can live with that. Took me 3 weeks to put this together…I’m a “Orchestration Rookie”. :slight_smile:

I am even worse: I have the BBCSO since some months, and I never had the courage to use it
:crazy_face: :rofl:

Jump in…the Water isn’t deep. :slight_smile:

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I’m new to Scaler also but have been learning EastWest Orchestra for the past year. I love this piece. It is very impressive.