New Scaler idea

As a songwriter I thought of an idea for an extension to Scaler.
1…You would tell Scaler what key you are composing in.
2…You would tell scaler the note or a combination of notes from the melody.
3…Scaler would then tell you what chords you can use over that note or notes - starting with the most basic triads and going through all the extensions available with various bass notes.
4…You the songwriter would choose which chord to use.

Welcome to the forum @brooklynjoe But that is what Scaler does? You key in the notes, it tells you the scale and it give you the diatonic and variations. Unless I am misunderstanding you off course.

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Just to amplify @davide’s response if you play a melody into scaler using the detect mode. Here I have played a six note motif into scaler from my midi keyboard.

Scaler then suggests a set of keys and scales in Section B that youcan use to harmonise your melody.

You can select any scale by clicking on the name in Section B. You can then review the scale notes to decide if they are appropriate by clicking on the i

or your can listen to the scale by clicking on the arrow on the scale

I have chosen the F Lydian scale in the example above.

Unfortunately at the time of writing Scaler (version2.6) does not record dynamics when detecting melodies therefore it does not record the note length. So determining which chords to use to harmonise a melody. On my 7 note melody if I chnage the chord on notes 1, 3, 5 and 7 (i.e. on the first note of every bar if tis is written in 2/2 time) then I could harmonise it with C maj, D min, Emin 7/D, and F maj/C.

Obviously with this harmony it does not resolve but it is an example.

T over come the limitation of not recording note durations I suggest one approach to consider is to only record scale notes. Then you will know that the chord will play on each note of the recorded melody. Just a thought, but…

Finally there is a good video here which starts from a motif, played on a guitar and recorded into Scaler.