New Scaler User & Guitar Cords Display

Hi - Just started using Scaler 2, selecting the guitar fret board. Can you tell me why the cords don’t appear to match what I am used to? Take for example a C-cord it does not match what I know to be a C Major, as the image with this post.

Thanks for your input!

Well all looks ok here. The Scaler fret board is showing all options for a C major triad (C E G) up and down the neck. Are you familar with the CAGED System? In addition other C Major scale tones are higlighted. The picture on the left is only C Major in one root position. Does that help?

Yes, it does help. THANK YOU. If I could ask a couple more questions… What is the difference of the light blue, and darker blue note colors & What are the numbers that post-script the note letters? And where can I find these answers documented so that I can read “that”? I have watched a video on Caged sys, so know what it is, but don’t know the notes on the neck. Does that display i posted show non-major C’s also? Or only C major at all positions - Thanks again! I appreciate your answer, very much. This is a really GREAT plugin/program. I would like to find a great source to learn its details. :slight_smile:

Scaler 2 has a 46 page manual, but really doesn’t elaborate on the guitar fretboard display. I suspect this is visualization intended to be intuitive. But as we all know, nothing is obvious to the uninformed.
Looks to me like the fretboard has “bolded” all the notes of the C-Major scale and then shaded the C Major triad (the 1st, 3rd and 5th of the scale). That is the C, E, G. The post script # identifies the pitch of the root note, C which corresponds to the position of the piano keyboard.
You need to experiment with more complex chords to see how the program displays chord/scale extensions beyond the triad. And one final tip from an old Guitar player, learn the notes of the fretboard as a priority! It will help with everything down the road.

Thanks - Great & VERY helpful information, much appreciated