New SoundPaint feature to add your own samples

For those enjoying SoundPaint they have just posted on their Discord site a link for a new version 1.1.0 Beta which includes a sample import utility. This allows you to add your own sounds into SoundPaint as User Parts so that you can mix them with any SoundPaint library parts. This opens up a whole new world for sound creation. You can only get the new version for now if you are registered with the SoundPaint Discord server. The utility is very simple but apparently will have new features added in the future. I have tried it myself and it works well but is limited to samples that are 24 bit 48 kHz and a single velocity layer.

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Just seen this on YouTube, the new version comes out this week. Can you imagine Scaler driving this :grin:

Scaler and Soundpaint work well together indeed.

Yes I can, yesterday I added a wind chimes sample to Soundpaint as a user part and used for the start of a piece. It all works quite well.