New synth sequences with AAS Strum-GS II to make prog tunes

Following the @jamieh advice to try some of the Scaler 2.5 new synth sequences with my guitar setup, I decided to try and a nice pinkfloydian tune jumped out :grinning:

Here is the routing

AAS Strum-GS II is in Guitar mode - Auto, and I use Scaler just to feed chords, while both my hands tickle the ivories in the green circle producing strummings & arpeggios with all options, even the more “exotic” like Muffled and Palm mute… well, they are actually bad strummings & arpeggios :crazy_face:, but the more I use this option, the more I am able to play a bit well :grinning:

Here is the amp

And the drums

About the Bass I started with Broomstick Bass, then I fed EZbass with the BB output and adjusted bad chords, then added a groove

P.S. lately I am using more plain instruments, Electric DI for AAS Strum-GS and Clean DI for EZbass, and after I use the Neutron and Ozone tools, notably the Tonal Balance Control, to (try to) mix & max properly: it’s an hard but enticing and rewarding task

And here is the pinkfloydian tune called Jamiesss :grinning:

I forgot the Scaler state Jamiesss.xml (21.3 KB)

Note: I used the 1st Synthwave style, then I removed the chords that worked badly, and added some others using the new Suggest option


Good job! Now I’m Comfortably Numb. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:


I love those big rock drums in Ezdrummer! They sound fantastic!

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Really great, Claudio. Like it. Very floydish.

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