New to music theory. So confused . Please help lol

Hey guys. New to scaler and still having trouble assigning notes and chords and scales to my keybed. Maybe I misunderstood.

Any instructional videos or tips? Also I have a touch screen monitor, so should I just access that nice and quickly to change what’s on the keybed while I’m playing when I want a quick option.

Maybe I’m too new to this music theory thing lol.

Also what size keyboard should I get to take most advantage of scaler? Again primarily a guitarist so knobs and switches and buttons should help with keyswitches I think. Was looking at this thing? Or maybe I should go with the 49 key? I figured with the touchscreen I may not need more but IDK bnugagdgugzttd17xwmc|499x499

Thanks so much for the help guys.

Youtube is your friend. Search for Scaler 2 tutorials. More keys the better for Scaler. Atm we don’t support midi mapping and key switches are trigged by keys so 49/64 key minimum.

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Any chance you will support midi mapping ? That would be a great feature!

So you think 49 keys will let me access all the notes chords in any scale?

@davide thanks…

Midi Mapping on the roadmap and the more keys the better particularly if you have a chord sets with lots of chords and want to use keyswitches. 49 is ok but not ideal


Oh sweet it’s on the list! So I’ll be able to assign CCs to knobs and buttons on a keyboard, to forward the keybed??

That’s the plan
: )

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Thanks Davide!!! :grin::grin: