New to Scaler! It's Great! Newbie Question!

Hello, I am loving Scaler! I’ve just started using it but so far it has been really useful and pretty easy.
I have a question and it may have an obvious answer but again I have only just started using it.
So I have used the tools to build a great chord progression. I can hear in my head what I want for the final chord but can’t find it. Is there something that suggests options for this chord based on the progression I’ve built? I see how I can pull up variations of the chords I already have, and I have found some that work great as a next chord as I’ve built the progression, but sometimes it is a lot of hunting for the right one among many choices, especially when I have no idea even where to start for a certain chord (like a root note). So is there a tool that would suggest a next chord based on the progression I already have? In this case, I would love something that gives possible chords to end on, based on the progression of course.
I understand this may not be possible, as in this case I’d have to designate that I am looking for a final sounding chord to end the progression, and how does Scaler know that this is the end of my chord sequence. But I was hoping there may be something else that helps with what I’m trying to do that I don’t know about, since I just started using Scaler.
So in a nutshell, I’m looking for chord-by-chord suggestions to help find the next chord in a progression, based on that progression so far.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Zibon,

at the moment there is no “Suggest Next Chord” function in Scaler. You can however find what to play next by using the detection and selecting different scales.

After selecting a scale, the degree of each of your chord is calculated (the roman numeral under the name of your chord). You can try to build relations (like V-I or IV-I or VI-II etc…) between chords of your progression and the chords of each scale.

Each scale has style indications to help you target a specific mood.

We’re thinking of integrating this feature in a future version but it is hard to suggest something only you can hear in your head. Depending on what type of track you’re doing the amount of thing we can suggest is either, really big and you might end up clicking again and again until sounds good, or really small and Scaler might give you the same chords over and over…

…so for the moment the process is still manual but we’re thinking about it :wink:


Thank you Ed for the reply! That was exactly the feature I was trying to explain. I realize what I’m asking involves some “mind reading”! And I have gotten the results I’m looking for with varying degrees of searching through the scales and chord variations. And that’s great that you are looking into adding a feature like that.
I was thinking if there was a way to analyze (much like detect) the progression you’ve built, enter a mood (or the scale description used as the mood) and maybe a field to designate where in the progression you are looking to place a chord (i.e. this is the final chord of a 6 chord phrase, or this is the 4th chord of an 8 chord phrase and I want it to change moods here) and/or even just a mood for the chord your looking for (finale, anticipation, etc) based on your progression.
Again, thanks for the reply. This is an amazing, helpful and educaitonal tool for me. I love it!


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