New to this forum

Greetings everyone I’m new here and still working my way around scalar as well do run into a few problems here and there.

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Hi @sheriffvlogs

Welcome to the forum and to using Scaler.

If you do run into any problems about how to use Scaler please do not hesitate to post to this forum, althoigh it may be worth searching the forum for a solution before you post. It is worth looking in both the General Discussion and Tutorial topics for questins that have been raised and resolved by users.

Also check out @davide’s videos and the Plug-in Boutique videos on YouTube. You may find these helpful.

Welcome to the Scaler forum. The basic learning curve of Scaler is pretty fast, but, many workflows are possible. It will take a little time to find useful ways to incorporate Scaler into your music-making set-ups.

Thanks guys still pretty new in finishing track and releasing them
i have been making music for a couple years on and off now. i want to start finishing music.