New version update of Scaler?

When will the next version of Scaler be updated?
Will there be any new features?
Will there be a brother plug-in, such as scaler ARP? Of course, I believe it is much better than other plug-ins now

I think to remember they said last quarter 2021

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We can’t be far off with an update? I’m hoping they fix/complete the automation as such a great feature but I can’t really use it.

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David has already mentioned 2.4.1 will be next week (week of Aug. 30th). Seems like they’ve released on Thursdays before.

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What automation are you referring too? Why can’t you work without it?

The MiDI CC mapping to chord progression and performance menu selections, and not just recall particular snapshots with the clumsy mapping possible today. Been discussed in various threads that there is room for improvement, and been hinted at that there will be feature evolution in that space.

Yes, but this is coming. Maybe not with this update but but perhaps a more complete one like 2.5. That being said, why can’t you work? That’s my real question. I work with Scaler everyday. Lack of automation doesn’t hamper me. In anyway. Scaler is an amazing tool that does some amazing things. It’s always going to get better.
NOTE: I am not saying I don’t want the automation. Just to be clear.
ADDENDUM: I was asking about what automation thinking it was something broken. I am fully aware of all the discussions about the requested automation.

@jamieh it’s not that we “cannot work with Scaler”, not every feature request is a “must have”. It boils down to making our workflows more fluid. And as we already know, different people may have different workflows - in your workflow this feature may not be as relevant as in others, maybe that’s why you struggle to relate to the strong interest in CC automations.

I am not a classical composer/producer, but more of an interactive (bedroom) performer, and an aleatoric arranger (exploiting combinatory opportunities to create something of interest). Automation of controls in plugins is at the core of my workflow - and since it is quite common in most plugins, I think it’s reasonable to ask for, and should be doable in Scaler. That’s why I have been persistent on bringing it up, and I also acknowledge that the Scaler team is on it. And I am also glad that others desire a similar feature, for that builds momentum behind the feature request (and accordingly the product improvement prioritization with the dev team).

If I get my act together I’ll someday produce a video in which I show my workflow, and how I make music. It seems to be not quite common, because I get that question a lot about how exactly I play with music (in general, not just Scaler specific)

Looking forward to that …

I have zero problem understand the need and desire for this automation. Nor have I ever said not to ask the Devs for the features you want. How will they know what you want if you don’t ask? It’s just starting to sound like the little child in the back seat of the car asking over and over “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” :crazy_face:

I take this as a compliment, as I aspire to remain a child at heart :wink:

To clarify, it was my understanding that they had held some features back that where supposed to be part of the 2.4 release but then at the last minute decided not to include. I may have misunderstood or misread that.
I was referring specifically to the automation implemented in 2.4 that I couldn’t really use not that I couldn’t use scaler at all.
That said it really does restrict & make thing difficult for me due to the nature & way i work with scaler.

I don’t remember that. In any event new update is coming this week. Let’s see what happens.

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The update has obviously been delayed. Is there a new release date?

For next major update a lot of us are waiting for MPE option,
to use it with MPE midi controllers and plugins.

IMHO, There is one thing worse than a late update, and that’s an earlier update with bugs in.

[Anybody use Acronis backup ? they are masters at releasing ‘updates’ not only with paralysing bugs in, but with a negative increase in functionality …]

Davide will presumably release it when he thinks it’s robust enough, and, for me, that’s good enough.

[Caveat and positioning this comment : I’m still struggling to get anywhere even near the capability of Scaler to assist composition (let alone master it) , so nothing in the current release is holding me personally back]