New website for your music files - metapop

There is a new website for hosting your music files -
It is a Native Instruments site which means you get a Komplete Start collection of sounds when you join.
Might be OK if you are just starting out and need more sounds to have Scaler take a shot at.
Not affiliated in anyway just suggesting it for people that don’t have a host for their audio.
Luminous Abyss


Yes Metapop is great. Most of the work there is remix, although there is a lot of original work there too. Most of the work is of high quality, and the community spirit there is very encouraging and positive. There are lots of mixing competitions with some pretty good NI prizes.
I have 25 tracks posted there now. The last one was posted two days ago: metapop “Afternoon Calls (piano)” under arcman.

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Jamieh, thank you for sharing

Is it just me, or does the scroll button on the mouse not work on the page?