Newbie - Chord Voicings Greyed Out (Pentatonic Scale)

New to this software but having issue finding basic chord listing for the Pentatonic Scales, or Blues Scales.

When I select for instance A Minor Pentatonic, the voicings selector is greyed out. So instead of showing all the chords in the A Minor Pentatonic Scale, all I see are 9 variations of the Tonic: A chord.

For other scales, such as the A Major scale, I am able to select the voicings drop down and then I get what you would expect, a list of the all chords in the scale…

Is there a setting I am missing ?

Welcome @tlathbury
This is a music theory question. And best answered here:

and here:

hope that helps

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davide, OK thanks. I just thought it would perhaps show compatible chords, such as A minor chords for the A minor pentatonic. No matter, easy enough to work around.

Well that’s the thing. It kind of does. In any pentatonic you only have two traditional diatonics. In the case of Amin pentatonic it’s Amin and Cmaj (I and V) the others are sus’ and no fifths for example. By cycling through the tonic menu that remains you can see the chords that belong to that scale. I guess you are asking why don’t we auto populate section 2 with just those 5 chords? I think that’s a live eco system thing but it makes sense. We will discuss internally and have a think.

The left most drop-down menu in Section B is miss labeled. “Diatonic” refers to a 7-note scale. The items in the drop-down list are chord structures (“Triads”, “7ths”, etc.) not scales. If the label is changed to “Chord Type” or just “Type”, then the Triad structure and it’s associated Voicings can be applied to 5-note and 6-note scales. Chord structures that do not apply for these scales can be greyed.

Welcome @wynne True that but having bespoke, customised labels according to particular scales messes with the current live ecosystem and I’m sure our coders heads. It’s a good solution and one we should employ going forward. I don’t feel we have the 5 note scales accessible enough yet. Not great given the popularity of pentatonics!

Thank you.

I think I was not clear. I only envisioned a name change. No change in the list of chord structures included in the drop-down menu.

A Triad is the first, third, and fifth note starting from whatever scale tone you start on in your scale. Therefore Triads can be applied to 5- or 6-note scales. Triads are the only option available on the drop-down menu for non 7-note scales.

The use of pentatonic scales in Scaler2 may be a “chicken-or-egg” issue. The value of Scaler2 for me is the ability to quickly evaluate chords in a scale. If I have to use the third tab drop-down menu to built a set of chords that I can use to listen to before developing a chord progress. then I may not bother.

An option is to create a Pentatonic Song tab, include some progressions, and see what feedback you receive.