Newbie needs help setting and using Scaler w/ Reaper

I am trying to set up Scaler as a Vst to play an instrument and have reaper record it.
I need to have Scaler 1st in the chain with the midi output going to a plugin instrument, with that output going to a track.
What is the easiest way to do this?
Do I insert Scaler as a Vst on a new track then add an instrument after Scaler?
How do I set up Reaper so that the midi information goes from Scaler into the plugin instrument and then be recorded to a track by Reaper?
Also, are there any tutorials showing Scaler being used by Reaper?
I saw the only one on youtube and that was very uninformative.
Thanx in advance.
The Fishman

Have you Googled “Scaler and Reaper”? This appears to be a very popular topic.

Or how about this from the Scaler Videos?

Final word… You are going to love Scaler in Reaper! :grin:

Es sencillo. Yo lo uso mucho. Dejo un pequeño ejemplo

I am sorry. I forgot about Google Traslator:
It’s simple. I use it a lot. I leave a small example

Thank you for the replies. They helped a lot.