Newbie Q: Can I add more scales to Scaler?

Or, alternatively, is there a way for the Community to create additional scales? Thanks

Hi @pumafred,

No, there is no way to add your own scales at the moment.
What kind of scales would you like to see integrated in Scaler ?

Hi Ed,

  1. The reason I say “add” scales rather than asking for them outright is because I realise not many users may share my experimenting interests

  2. To make my answer short, there is an IOS app (with which I have no affiliation), Octavian, which has a HUGE collection of scales, their functional chords, chord variations and extensions, scale and chord dictionaries, and so on. I often have fun learning/playing with it. If I could only get Scaler to become a bridge, or replacement, to use this in my DAW with my VSTis…

Octavian by Bitnotic

But, again, I realise this might be overkill for most users.

I would, nevertheless, be interested in your thoughts or suggestions about this.


Hi @pumafred,

Thanks for the additional info, we are planning on supporting more scales in a future version but there are some challenges.

For example the detection doesn’t always work well with more exotic scale and it can create some confusion between “western music theory” and other musical systems.

It is definitely on our roadmap, but we are trying to make it simple and usable for everybody.

Hi Ed,
Thanks for your response.
Yes, I noticed the recognition problem while playing around with some apps the other day.
I looked up a very exotic scale in Octavian, plugged the notes into another app, and there was no way I could prevent it from identifying it as a more standard scale, but with a different tonic!
Still, I look forward to seeing Scaler become (or remain?) leader in its category. Other plugins in this area aim at providing results without teaching any music theory. I don’t like that.

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