Newbie question: Can Scaler 2 create chord diagram sheets, detect chords and compose without a fixed progression?

@SeamusMacD , exactly my thoughts, thank you back. Almost all of those apps I tried have not been coded by guitarists, and it shows. Their chord detections are marketed for their magnitude of available chord variations. They may be algorythms ally correct, but they pretty often sound bad because the voicing does not make sense, and no guitarist would ever play 80 % of that stuff. It’s garbage. As @Tristan points out in his mail they handpicked their chord versions which is a good thing but possibly harder to incorporate into the app.

@Tristan , thanks for chiming in. I realise that Scaler 2 is not made for mainly guitarists in mind, even with all the guitar features included. I agree that a precise audio chord detection from recording your guitar is next to impossible, especially when you want the strings you used to play the chord appear in your chord diagram - sound wise it makes a big difference as we know. I tried apps like “chordai” that claims to have the best recognition AI to record some chords but the results were not usable for me, and I found it easier to enter my notes and be done instead of recording again and again the same three chords until you have the versions you want. Still kudos to the guys who coded it, but this is not my use case. I can hear what’s happening in a song, I just want to note the chords quickly the way I find them to sound the best.

The focus on a handcrafted number of available chord variations (instead of algorythmically created garbage) is actually a good decision, but their number is too limited for my case. Looking forward to your updates and will follow further developments.